When a druid turns away from the land, the land turns away from them. Some ex-druids make peace with this change; others seek to restore the bond. A few, however, actually embrace their disconnection from nature and become forces of destruction. These few, called blighters, bring desolation wherever they tread. The devoted servants of nature corrupted, ruined, and destroyed, Blighters are the caretakers of lands ravaged by natural disaster - in their eyes, at the very least. While some are devoted to reforming and reclaiming lands despoiled by the ravages of civilization, others seek out the more rapacious violence inherent in nature and feed the creeping rot and decay that brings an end to all things.

Only human ex-druids seem attracted in any considerable number to the blighter’s path. Legends say that a few elven druids have also turned to destruction over the millennia—a terrifying prospect given how much land they could destroy in their long lifetimes.

NOTE: This class is universally treated as an undesirable and generally is likely to struggle within the setting of TDN. What this inherently entails is guaranteed permanent death through our death system. As such Blighter isn't recommended for new players or those that shy from hardship, confrontation, and conflict in storytelling.

Alignment Restriction:
Any Evil.

Hit Die: d8

Proficiencies: armor (light, medium), shields, weapons (druid)

Skill Points: 5 + INT Modifier

Class Skills: Barter, Bluff, Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge: All, Parry, Perform, Spellcraft, Taunt, Sense Motive

Primary Saving Throws: Fortitude, Will

Base Attack Bonus: +3/4 Levels

Spellcasting: Divine (Spell Failure from armor is ignored), Wisdom-based (a base wisdom score of 10 + the spell's level is required to cast a spell, bonus spells are based on modified Wisdom, and the Wisdom modifier affects spell DCs).
  • Be Aware: Spell sharing with summons/familiars does not function for the Blighter class.
NOTE: Elves cannot become Blighters due to racial alignment and cultural differences inherently making such a concept extremely unlikely.

Level Progression / Spells per Day

Deforestation, Nature Sense​
Sustenance, Woodland Stride​
Blightfire I, Trackless Step, Great Fortitude​
Resist Nature’s Lure​
Blightfire II, Contagious Touch, Rot Immunity​
Mold Abomination, Aberrant Shape (2x/day)​
Blightfire III​
Aberrant Shape (3x/day), Unbond​
Blightfire IV, Venom Immunity, Contagious Touch (3x/day)​
Aberrant Shape (4x/day)​
Blightfire V​
Aberrant Shape (5x/day)​
Blightfire VI, Contagious Touch (4x/day)​
Aberrant Shape (6x/day)​
Blightfire VII​
Aberrant Shape (7x/day)​
Blightfire VIII​
Aberrant Shape (8x/day), Plague​

  • Deforestation / Blighter's Mark: The Blighter communes with the destruction within themself and generates a blight upon a natural terrain. This must be used in order to activate other Blighter abilities.
    • The specified location will be marked visibly. If a PC enters the area that the Blighter's Mark resides in, there is a 50% chance a hostile abberation may spawn. (not applicable for Blighter PCs).
    • The Blighter's Mark can be dispelled with "Lesser Dispel" spell on the afflicted area.
    • Herbs spawning within a Blighter's Mark will instantly wilt, and produce no herbs when harvested.
  • Blightfire: Scales with level, dealing Acid and Fire damage equally. Reflex Half. Hurts allies. Unlimited uses per day.
    • If in a natural, non-city area, Blightfire may cause Deforestation in a random location around the Blighter.
    • If the Blighter has cast Blighter's Mark in the last 2 hours, Blightfire does not harm allies.
    • Damage values scale as follows:
      • I - 1d4 Fire, 1d4 Acid
      • II - 1d6 Fire, 1d6 Acid
      • III - 1d10 Fire, 1d10 Acid
      • IV - 1d12 Fire, 1d12 Acid
      • V - 2d8 Fire, 2d8 Acid
      • VI - 2d10 Fire, 2d10 Acid
      • VII - 2d12 Fire, 2d12 Acid
      • VIII - 3d10 Fire, 3d10 Acid
  • Sustenance:No longer needs food/water for resting.
    • The Blighter will need to have cast Deforestation/Blighter's Mark within the last 6 hours for this to be valid.
  • Rot Immunity: Immunity to Disease.
  • Aberrant Shape: The Blighter transforms into a loathsome abberation of terrifying speed and power, revealing the true nature of their internal corruption. (details TBD)
  • Contagious Touch: Improved Contagion Spell Effects. (details TBD)
  • Mold Abomination: The Blighter crafts an unspeakable horror of rot and decay from the elements of the earth (details TBD). 10 minute cooldown. Limit 1.
  • Unbond: Variant form of Banishment summoned creatures of the Animal, Beast or Magical Beast type, Familiars and Animal Companions. Usable every 10 minutes.
  • Plague: A Blighter can spread disease over a large area. This ability functions like the contagious touch ability, it affects all targets the Blighter designates within a 20-foot radius. Plague is usable once per day.

CantripsSpell Level 1Spell Level 2Spell Level 3Spell Level 4Spell Level 5Spell Level 6Spell Level 7Spell Level 8Spell Level 9
FlareBaneBlindness/DeafnessAnimate DeadBlightCall Lightning StormAcid FogControl UndeadBombardmentElemental Swarm
Inflict minor woundsBurning HandsBlood FrenzyCall LightningDeath WardCircle of DoomCircle of DeathCreeping DoomCreate Greater UndeadImplosion
LightEndure ElementsBull's StrengthCircle Against AlignmentElemental ShieldInfernoCreate UndeadEarthquakeHorrid WiltingStorm of Vengeance
GreaseCat's GraceContagionFlame StrikePlague of RatsCrumbleFinger of DeathIncendiary Cloud
Inflight Light WoundsDarknessDispel MagicHold MonsterSlay LivingDrownFirestormMass Blindness/Deafness
Protection from AlignmentEnduranceDominate AnimalIce StormSpell ResistanceEnergy BufferMind Blank
Ray of EnfeeblementFlame LashInfestation of MaggotsInflict Critical WoundsGreater DispellingShambler
UltravisionFlame WeaponInflict Serious WoundsStoneskinGreater Stoneskin
Gust of WindPosionWall of FireHarm
Hold AnimalProtection from Elements
Inflict Moderate WoundsQuillfire
Lesser DispelSpike Growth
Negative Energy RayStinking Cloud
Owl's WisdomVampiric Touch
Resist Elements
Chill Touch
Cause Fear