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Welcome to the Dragon's Neck!

The Dragon's Neck is a Forgotten Realms Persistent World, operated leveraging Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. We aim to connect players with an immersive Roleplay experience that leverages core concepts and systems, combining them with updated systems and a beautifully constructed re-imagining of Faerûn. Our goal is to foster a community of like-minded, passionate role-players who live their character's lives out in the countries of Amn, Tethyr, and beyond. We rely on our Quest Masters and Dungeon Masters to prioritize expansive narratives and story-lines, influenced directly by players, and when rules or guidelines are to be enforced, it will be fair, consistent and with the utmost integrity.

This wiki is provided for players to access a central location for all written resources available for The Dragon's Neck, though we also recommend joining our Discord channel for IC and OOC updates alike.


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