Build Rules

Ability Scores
  • Most spells now have casting cooldowns. See Spell Changes for details.
Multiclassing Restrictions
  • Multiclass XP penalties have been removed.
  • All characters can only have a maximum of one prestige class.
  • Paladin multiclassing is limited by their order.
  • Monk multiclassing is limited by their order.
Religion and Worshiping Guidelines
  • All characters must follow the guidelines regarding choosing patron deities found here: Pantheons and Patrons
Specific Class Level-Requirements
  • Overview: Based on concept/theme/investment, we are requiring specific number of levels in a number of classes. This is not based on mechanics, rather, it is based on the story/lore behind each class. We feel that we've done a good job removing incentive of level-dips for classes, however given the unique nature of the classes below, we are instituting this requirement.
    • Example: A Blighter pursuing a path of destruction and immoral decisions for only a single level makes no narrative sense.
    • Note: There is no requirement to take the minimum 12 levels by a particular time in your character's build.
  • The following classes require 12 levels invested in each:
    • Favored Soul
    • Monk
    • Paladin
    • Warlock