Character Identification System


As new characters begin their journey on TDN, they will come across numerous characters. Fellow adventurers (Player Characters), will be listed as a generic name (that can be edited by that individual.) The default name is "Adventurer", and this default name will be what is shown in the Player List as well. Players can set a Name Override for Player characters that will be visible only to them (details below). This system is intended to provide the playerbase with a more immersive and sensible solution when first interacting with other characters, along with a simplistic option to ensure the player knows whether or not their character is aware of the individual's name IC. In addition, this system is intended to discourage metagaming in general.

Example of first meeting an unknown individual:

Updating your Default Name/Identifier

Command: !defaultname

This command will allow you to select two different identifiers for your character. Upon selecting the second identifier word, your character's default name will be updated for anyone that has not yet identified you in a particular way.

Example of meeting an unknown individual who has updated their Default Name:

Identifying Someone

Command: !name newnamehere

This command will trigger a mouse cursor, wherein you can select the target individual to attach the name to. The individual will not be aware of how you are identifying them, and this name override will persist through resets.

Example of the Red-haired Stranger telling me their name is "Valen".