Creature Augmentation

The creature modulation system is designed to create an experience similar to "Elites" in traditional ARPGs while adhering to TDN's setting. The system is intended to provide players with occasional unique and challenging obstacle for players and groups to encounter within a dungeon. These modified enemies will receive various affixes to the creature that can either enhance damage, increase health, or numerous things in-between. Upon killing these Enhanced creatures, they will drop improved loot that is eligible for increased quality and affixes.

Creatures & The Setting
While the setting maintains a deviation away from the traditional strength of magic, the impact of The Longest Year continues to permeat numerous areas of the setting. Magic as a whole has been entirely altered, and the impact on creatures both humanoid and monstrous is substantial.

List of Affixes
  • Damage Increase
    • All Core Elemental Types are possible
  • Attack Bonus
  • Hit Point Bonus
  • Speed Bonus
  • Regeneration
  • Death Armor
  • Concealment
  • Damage Type Immunity
    • All Core Elemental Types are possible