Death & Dying


The Dragon’s Neck takes the approach that resurrection magic is an almost entirely lost art. Therefore, whenever you mechanically die on the server it will be treated as if you were badly wounded and a mechanical debuff will be applied to you after you ‘respawn’ which symbolises this. Only permadeath will be considered actual, in-character death as far as the server is concerned.

Note: This article deals primarily with mechanics for death/dying. If you would like details on Roleplay, or Opting In to Permadeath, please review the PvP & Conflict page.

Bleeding Out (PvE Mechanics)
  • Player Characters will begin bleeding once they drop below 1HP.
  • While bleeding, PCs have a 5% chance each round to stabilize and return to 1HP.
    • PCs that are healed at any point during the Bleed-Out phase will be stabilized to 1HP.
  • When reaching -10HP:
    • All Silver the Player was holding is dropped upon death.
    • Players receive a debuff (symbolizing a significant wound).
      • Debuff Effects:
        • -2 CON
        • -2 AB per 4 levels (Level 8 PC would receive -4 AB)
        • -2 AC per 4 levels (Level 8 PC would receive -4 AC)
        • 20% Spell Failure
      • This Debuff can be cleansed in different ways and based on Time Intervals will determine how successful the attempt to heal the wound will be:
        • < 10 Minutes
          • The Wound can only be healed via a Greater Restoration spell (100% Chance of success)
        • 10+ Minutes
          • Tavern Rest: 60% Chance of success
          • Wilderness Rest: 15% Chance of success
            • Ranger, Druid, Shaman & Barbarian have a 25% Chance of success.
          • Standard Healing of any type: 2% Chance of success
          • Restoration Spell: 60% Chance of success
          • Surgeon's Kit: 80% Chance of success
        • 30 Minutes
          • Tavern Rest: 100% Chance of success
          • Wilderness Rest: 80% Chance of success
            • Ranger, Druid, Shaman & Barbarian have a 100% Chance of success.
          • Standard Healing of any type: 50% Chance of success
          • Restoration Spell: 100% Chance of success
          • Surgeon's Kit: 100% Chance of success
      • This Debuff can also be cleansed at a Temple for a fee with 100% Chance of success.
        • Cost: 200gp/Level from Priests
    • Players will be presented with an option to either remain unconscious at -10HP, or to "Respawn", which will jump players back to the entrance of the Dungeon/Area and cause them to lose all of their carried gold.
    • If a player is reduced to -10HP again, while still afflicted by the Debuff (Significant Wound) they immediately lose 100xp/level. They can then choose to Wait For Help, or Respawn (to Dungeon entrance.)

Note: For information as to HOW to Opt-In for Permadeath (All players are Opted-Out at creation with the exception of Peasants, Dread Necromancers and Blighters), please review the PvP & Conflict Page.

(PvP-Only) Non-Permadeath "Death"
Dying & Death during PvP is a more consequential process. There are multiple stages available to players when it comes to PvP:
  • Losing a Subdual combat: No mechanical consequences.
  • Dropping below 1HP follows the Bleed-Out mechanic described in the PvE section.
  • Dropping to -10 HP from PvP Combat:
    • Player's spirit is sent to Fugue while their body remains at the location it was downed at.
      • All Silver the Player was holding is dropped upon death.
    • Upon interacting with the Fugue guardian and returning to their corpse:
      • The Grievous Wound debuff lasts seven Real Life days with no chance of recovery before that time.
      • For seven Real Life days, Combat XP is halted for the player who was downed.
      • RPXP is still available.
(PvP-Only) Permadeath
Permadeath is confirmed or avoided by a roll-based system, meaning that each time a player opted into permadeath is reduced to -10 hp (referred to as ‘Downed’) from another player that’s opted into permadeath, they must make a D100 roll which decides whether or not they permanently die.

An opted-in character’s first Downed state received from PvP with another opted-in character will require their player to make a relatively easy roll. A roll of 21+ will be required for that character’s survival, giving them an 80% chance of escaping permadeath. For each subsequent PvP death, the difficulty of the roll is increased by 20, decreasing the probability of their survival by 20%.

Thus, after being Downed 5 times from PvP with another opted-in character, even the luckiest opted-in character who has escaped death on all previous occasions, against mounting odds, will inevitably die permanently with a 0% chance of survival.

For clarity, a table of the necessary permadeath rolls and percentage chance of survival for an opted-in character after being Downed a certain number of times from PvP with other opted-in characters is shown below:

Number of times DownedRoll necessary for survival (D100)Percentage chance of survival

(PvP-Only) Regardless of Permadeath vs Non-Permadeath
When a player exits the Fugue Plane they receive double RPXP for two hours, up to 50% of their total XP Lost. It is not guaranteed a player will realize the entire 50% of the XP before the time elapses.

Permadeath Rewards
  • In the event a Character is perma-killed. The player with the dead PC will receive a portion of the dead character's XP, GP and CXP (Crafting XP) that can be used for a new Character.
    • XP: 1.75 Levels * Dead PC Level (Rounded Down)
      • Examples:
      • Permakilled Level 18 PC: New PC receives level 10 free.
      • Permakilled Level 9 PC: New PC receives level 5 free.
    • GP: 500gp/New Level
      • Examples:
      • Permakilled Level 18 PC = Level 10 New PC = 5,000gp
      • Permakilled Level 9 PC = Level 5 New PC = 2,500gp
  • CXP: 50% of all CXP can be redistributed as the player sees fit & within Profession guidelines.


If there are any frequent questions that arise following the announcement of this new system, we will update this section of the post to address them for anyone curious.