Death & Dying

Death Consequences are different depending on whether a player is engaged in PvE content, or PvP content. When taking part in PvE Content, players do not "die" in a traditional NWN-sense. Instead, a debuff is applied that makes combat more difficult and challenging and encourages players to slow down a moment to recover from the debuff before either attempting again, or turning back. During PvP Combat, Death consequences have more risks and significance, ranging from Debuffs, to Falling unconscious (NWN death), to requiring a spell to be cast on your corpse in order to return to consciousness.

Bleeding Out
  • Player Characters will begin bleeding once they drop below 1HP.
  • While bleeding, PCs have a 5% chance each round to stabilize and return to 1HP.
    • PCs that are healed at any point during the Bleed-Out phase will be stabilized to 1HP.
  • When reaching -10HP:
    • Players receive a debuff (symbolizing a significant wound).
      • Debuff Effects:
        • -2 CON
        • -2 AB per 4 levels (Level 8 PC would receive -4 AB)
        • -2 AC per 4 levels (Level 8 PC would receive -4 AC)
        • 20% Spell Failure
      • This Debuff can be cleansed in different ways and based on Time Intervals will determine how successful the attempt to heal the wound will be:
        • < 10 Minutes
          • The Wound can only be healed via a Greater Restoration spell (100% Chance of success)
        • 10+ Minutes
          • Tavern Rest: 60% Chance of success
          • Wilderness Rest: 15% Chance of success
            • Ranger, Druid, Shaman & Barbarian have a 25% Chance of success.
          • Standard Healing of any type: 2% Chance of success
          • Restoration Spell: 60% Chance of success
          • Surgeon's Kit: 80% Chance of success
        • 30 Minutes
          • Tavern Rest: 100% Chance of success
          • Wilderness Rest: 80% Chance of success
            • Ranger, Druid, Shaman & Barbarian have a 100% Chance of success.
          • Standard Healing of any type: 50% Chance of success
          • Restoration Spell: 100% Chance of success
          • Surgeon's Kit: 100% Chance of success
      • This Debuff can also be cleansed at a Temple for a fee with 100% Chance of success.
        • Cost: 200gp/Level from Priests
    • Players will be presented with an option to either remain unconscious at -10HP, or to "Respawn", which will jump players back to the entrance of the Dungeon/Area and cause them to lose all of their carried gold.
    • If a player is reduced to -10HP again, while still afflicted by the Debuff (Significant Wound) they immediately lose 100xp/level. They can then choose to Wait For Help, or Respawn (to Dungeon entrance.)

(PvP-Only) Grievous Wound

Dying & Death during PvP is a more consequential process. There are multiple stages available to players when it comes to PvP:
  • Losing a Subdual combat: No mechanical consequences.
  • Dropping to -10 HP from PvP Combat: Debuff Process described above.
    • During the Bleed-Out stage for a PC who has the Debuff already active, attacking player(s) may "Execute" the PC.
    • If a player is executed, their return to consciousness will require:
      • Raise Dead or Resurrection cast on the Body, OR..
      • Body is brought to a Temple, where an NPC will cast Raise Dead or Resurrection.
  • Dropping to -10 HP from PvP Combat while Debuff is active: PC Falls unconscious, as described below.

(PvP-Only) Unconscious State
Once a player reaches -10 HP while under the effect of the Significant Wound Debuff, the system will consider them "dead," however, upon gaining consciousness, players should behave as if it were a grievous wound. Upon reaching -10 HP, a character's spirit is transported to the Fugue Plane where they are presented with a variety of options on how to proceed. Note: Respawn options are unavailable if a PC has been Executed, or has reached Permadead status.

In all cases, when a player exits the Fugue Plane they receive double RPXP for two hours, up to 50% of their total XP Lost. It is not guaranteed a player will realize the entire 50% of the XP before the time elapses.

While in Fugue, PCs will be able to interact with a spirit who can offer some solutions that do not involve players healing the body in the physical realm:

  • Respawn at a Particular Temple for the standard Cost (described below)
Fugue Return/Healing Costs:
  • Standard/Respawn Cost:
    • 500gp/level
    • OR
    • 250xp/level
  • Raise Dead Cost:
    • Reduces Penalty by 50%
      • Defaults to GP, however can be changed at the Spirit in Fugue.
    • 250gp/dead PC level
  • Resurrection Cost:
    • Reduces XP Penalty by 85%
      • Defaults to GP, however can be changed at the Spirit in Fugue.
    • 400gp/dead PC level

  • Permadeath is possible on TDN through a few methods. In all instances, the DM Team will aim to provide as much notice to players in advance of this event as possible (when reasonable). As it relates to PvP, we feel that the following concessions and time-frames are reasonable enough to provide players a chance to avoid a Permadeath scenario:
    • PvE:
      • DM Campaigns: DMs, at times, may flag a campaign or event as open to Permadeath. DMs must always communicate this to players in advance of each event where it may be possible.
      • Player Discretion:Players who wish to see their character's story as 'closed', may work with DMs to arrange for a reasonable end to the players career.
        • Such efforts could include: Death, Transition to an NPC (at DM/Staff discretion), Banishment, General Disappearance, and more.
    • PvP:
      • If a player is executed, their body will be required for raising (The standard respawn options mentioned above will not be available.)
        • The Killing player MUST follow the responsibilities for PermaDeath: LINK
        • The Killing player may 'flag' the dead PC's corpse as 'marked for death'.
          • This process will notify the DM Team and Staff of the event to ensure that attention is available to ensure that the events take place according to TDN's rules.
        • For 72 hours, the Killing player will need to legally protect the corpse before PermaDeath takes effect.
        • During this time, a few things can/will happen:
          • DM Team will review the circumstances to validate the legality of the kill. Overturning where necessary.
          • Allies of the Dead player can search for the location of the corpse.
            • If found, players can take the corpse to a temple to have it raised.
        • If the Corpse is never recovered, the PC is considered Permanently Killed, and the character will permanently spawn into Fugue from that point forward.
      • The DM Team will review all reports and cases seeking removal of an unwarranted PvP Event.
        • Please ensure you are aware of the PvP Guidelines and understand our position on Rules of Engagement.
          • We take violations of PvP Rules very seriously, and all reports of violations should be reported to a DM and also submitted to Aschent_ via Forum PM.
          • Violations of PvP Rules can result in temporary, up to permanent bans from the server.
  • Permadeath Rewards:
    • In the event a Character is perma-killed. The player with the dead PC will receive a portion of the dead character's XP, GP and CXP (Crafting XP) that can be used for a new Character.
      • XP: 1.75 Levels * Dead PC Level (Rounded Down)
        • Examples:
          • Permakilled Level 18 PC: New PC receives level 10 free.
          • Permakilled Level 9 PC: New PC receives level 5 free.
      • GP: 500gp/New Level
        • Examples:
          • Permakilled Level 18 PC = Level 10 New PC = 5,000gp
          • Permakilled Level 9 PC = Level 5 New PC = 2,500gp
      • CXP: 50% of all CXP can be redistributed as the player sees fit & within Profession guidelines.