Familiars and Animal Companions

On The Dragon's Neck we have completely overhauled familiars. All of the original ones have been replaced and all of them receive Spring Attack & Improved Evasion to help mitigate NWN's clunky pathfinding and AI. Some of the familiars have size modifiers that we have accounted for in our design process and most size modifiers do not show up on the character sheet.

Please also review: Companions and Summons and Companion Control.


The new familiars all have the same base stats. (Ability scores, health, BAB, skills, AC, damage, saves, etc.) Each Familiar has its own unique ability, and offensive ones have a DC of 10 + Familiar Level.

Spells can be cast 1/day at levels 5-9, 2/day at levels 10-16 and 3 times per day at level 18.

Wizards and Sorcerers that cast spells on themselves have it auto-duplicate onto their familiar. Wizards and Sorcerers of higher levels can possess their familiars.

Unique Abilities:
  • Bat: Vampiric Touch
  • Dog: Knockdown
  • Rat: Ironguts, faster than any other familiar
  • Cat: Cat's Grace
  • Raven: Ultravision
  • Snake: Strength Poison
  • Spider: Dexterity Poison
  • Owl: Owl's Wisdom
  • Zombie Rat: Undead Immunities

Animal Companions

Dire BadgerMedMedMedMedMedMedHighMedHighToughness
Brown bearHighHighLowHighLowHighMedLowMedPower Attack, Cleave
Dire RatMedLowHighLowHighMedHighHighHighStealthy
Giant spiderMedMedMedMedMedMedHighLowHighPoison, Woodland Stride
Hawk, EagleHighLowHighLowHighMedHighHighHigh+2 AC
Panther, Lynx, CougarMedMedMedMedHighMedHighMedMedSneak Attack
Wolf, TigerHighMedMedMedMedMedMedMedMedKD
StagHighMedLowHighMedHighMedHighMedKD, Bleed
CrocodileHighHighLowHighMedHighMedLowLowSlow Movement,
Slow Movement

Special Abilities


  • Bleed: On hit: Wounding 1.
Giant Spider
  • Poison: On hit: 50% move speed slow for 2 rounds (DC 5+ Spider level).
Panther, Lynx and Cougar
  • Only 1d6 sneak attack damage, never increasing.
Wolf and Tiger
  • Knockdown at level 1, Improved Knockdown at level 8.
  • Poison: On Hit: 1d2 Con damage ((DC 5+ Snake level)).
  • Bleed: On hit: Wounding 1.
  • Knockdown at level 1, Improved Knockdown at level 8.
  • Grab: 20% chance on hit to root for 1 round.
  • Slow Movement: moves slightly slower than normal speed.
  • Shell: 50% immunity to physical damage.
  • Slow movement: Moves significantly slower than normal speed.