Festivals & Holidays in the Calendar of Harptos

FR -> RL Festival & Calendar Conversion/Comparison Table


Time is technically 1:1 on TDN in that the real life date corresponds to the in-game date, however as we don't want people in their respective timezones to potentially always be playing in day or night there will be two day/night cycles in-game. This is expected to be handwaved and played around from an IC perspective.
FR MonthDaysFR FestivalsRL Month Comparison
Hammer (Deepwinter)30N/AJanuary 1-30
Midwinter1MidwinterJanuary 31st
Alturiak awl-TUR-ee-æk (The Claw of Winter/The Claws of Cold)30N/AFebruary 1-28, March 1-2
Ches (The Claw of Sunsets)30Spring Equinox (19 Ches)March 3-31, April 1
March 21st
Tarsakh TAR-sæk (The Claw of Storms)30N/AApril 2-30, May 1
Greengrass1GreengrassMay 2nd
Mirtul MUR-tuhl (The Melting)30N/AMay 3-31 June 1
Kythorn KIGH-thorn (The Time of Flowers)30Summer Solstice (20 Kythorn)June 2-30, July 1
June 21st
Flamerule (Summertide)30N/AJuly 2-31
Midsummer1MidsummerAugust 1st
Shieldmeet (every four years)*1ShieldmeetAugust 1st (every four years)
Eleasis eh-LEE-sis (Highsun)30Autumn Equinox (21 Eleint)August 2-31
August 22nd
Eleint eh-LAYNT (The Fading)30N/ASeptember 1-30
Highharvestide1HighharvestideOctober 1st
Marpenoth (Leaffall)30N/AOctober 2-31
Uktar (The Rotting)30N/ANovember 1-30
The Feast of the Moon1The Feast of the MoonDecember 1st
Nightal (The Drawing Down)30Winter Solstice (20 Nightal)December 2-31
December 21st

*Every RL Leap Year, the RL calendar comparison dates are shifted backwards one day on, and after, February 29th until Shieldmeet (August 1st). After this date, they revert to the calendar comparison dates as listed.