Financial Statement & Audio/Artwork/Asset Use

Financial Overview

The Dragon's Neck is a not-for-profit project hosted on the Neverwinter Nights platform. While we do accept donations, these funds are always maintained on our Patreon account and will only be pulled if the Administrator (Aschent_) needs to offset the hosting costs, or to make purchases/investments in the project's work (i.e. Audio/Soundtrack). We aim to treat all assets used by the server with respect, and appreciate the work the artists have put in to craft their work.

As of February 27, 2024:

Server Costs [Monthly]:
  • Server Hosting (via OVH): $129.12 USD
  • Utilities (via Digital Ocean):
    • NWSync Server: $24/mo
    • TDN Web Server: $5/mo
    • Github: $4/mo

As of January 31, 2022:

Balance: $673.93

Server Costs:
  • Server & Web-Hosting (via Digital Ocean):
    • NWN Server: $80/Month
    • NWSync Server: $10/Month
    • TDN Web Server: $5/Month
    • Github Pro: $4/Month
  • The above costs have been in effect since December of 2019. Prior to that date, the monthly cost was lower (around $20/mo).

Artwork/Asset Use

The Dragon's Neck soundtrack was created by Edelweiss Records specifically for TDN's use.

Artwork & Other Assets:
The Dragon's Neck uses a mixture of custom-made assets along with assets pulled from various sources some of which being other games. TDN in no way makes (or plans to make) profit off of these items, as mentioned above. The practice of utilizing assets from other games is common amongst the Neverwinter Nights community and a cursory review of the NWVault website would demonstrate that.

Artworks & Assets used within TDN are wholly owned by their respective authors. We do not claim to have hand-crafted all assets in-game, and do not claim any direct ownership over said assets.

If you are a copyright holder for an asset or assets found on TDN and wish for them to be removed, please send your request with the below items to: [email protected]
- The asset (image, model, texture) you wish to have removed.
- Evidence of being copyright owner.