General Rules & Server Conduct

We're all here to enjoy an experience of cooperative play. As such, it's expected that all who participate will treat one another exceptionally, with consideration and respect. Enforcement of these rules are always intended to ensure everyone is being treated fairly, and to ensure this environment of cooperation; all DMs are held to this same standard of conduct on an equal level to players.

The following are themes of TDN's rules:
  1. Authenticity to the setting & your character is expected.
  2. Those who play on TDN should aim to roleplay and operate on any aspect of the server's platforms (Forum, Discord, In-Game, etc), with a high regard for maintaining the integrity of our community.
    1. When your personal fulfillment begins to come at the cost of other player's experience, it is time to reassess whether you are truly adding to the setting and server, or detracting.
  3. Understand that everyone involved with this server is human, and therefore, fallible. The admin, staff, DMs, and players will all make mistakes at times. Be respectful to everyone in-game, give them the benefit of the doubt, and encourage one another to be good to one another.

Code of Conduct
The following Code of Conduct applies to all forms of TDN-based communication (In-game, Discord & Forum).
  • OOC Discriminatory & Derogatory statements will not be permitted.
    • IC Bias & Prejudice is permissible (I.e. racism; usage of racial slurs toward a half-orc, prejudice aimed at a particular human ethnicity such as a Calishite, etc.).
  • Excessive/Overt Sexual content is not allowed. Including:
    • ERP (Erotic Roleplay).
      • For purposes of our Code of Conduct ERP neverrefers to any other definition.
        • To ensure that the wrong message is not communicated to newer users, we ask that the community refrain from jokingly commenting about "ERPing" with one another. While this is typically light-hearted in nature, it can give the wrong impression that it is allowed.
    • Extreme OOC Sexualized Innuendo.
      • Including, but not limited to:
        • Extreme/Overt/Excessive Sexuality.
        • Insultingly refer to any aspect of sexual/romantic orientation or gender identity/expression pertaining to themselves or other players.
          • Ex: Mocking commentary pertaining to groups identified above.
        • Overt/Extreme Inferences/comments that are sexual in nature.
          • Ex: Inappropriate references to human anatomy or bodily functions.
      • IC Crude remarks are acceptable, within reason. For example harmless innuendo is acceptable, but pushing boundaries to harass another person while hiding beneath an IC layer, is not permitted.
        • Example of an Acceptable IC Crude Remark:
          • "Ey, lassie. That's a noice rump roast ye' got. I wouldn't mind chowing down on it."
        • Extreme cases of Sexual perversion/commentary will be addressed by a DM.
        • If you feel that a player is crossing a line, contact a DM.
      • Due to the wide-range of sexual content & comments that are available, DMs/Moderators will work to handle missteps privately. Only in extreme circumstances would we move to suspend/ban someone based on a single comment. We will step in to address any commentary that we deem harmful, be it in-game, or OOC.
    • Overtly Sexualized Backstories:
      • Including, but not limited to:
        • Backstories involving Sexual Assault are not permitted to be disclosed (specifically the sexual assault itself).
        • Backstories that detail sexual encounters with others are not permitted to be shared (specifically, the details of the encounter).
      • While there is no realistic way to mitigate backstories that do have sexual content within them, we simply ask that you keep that content to yourself and allude to it in conversation as necessary.
  • Publicly attacking TDN Developers/DMs is not permitted.
    • There's a significant difference between stating an opinion, and outright attacking someone's character or classifying them as 'stupid' (or any other relative synonym) for their position.
  • Repeatedly escalating arguments in an effort to 'win' a debate.
    • Again: There's a significant difference between stating an opinion, and outright attacking someone's character or classifying them as 'stupid' (or any other relative synonym) for their position.
  • Circumventing the Auto-moderator is unacceptable.
  • IC Violence & Violent circumstances (I.e. IC Interrogation Methods/etc) are permissible so long as there is zero sexual aspect to the content.
    • Obscene amounts of Gore, or violence purely for OOC shock-value are not permitted.
Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct, or any rules outlined in the link below, will result in a response from the Admin team, up to and including a permanent ban.

Table of Contents:
If you have questions related to rules, or a ruling, please reach out to a DM or Aschent_.

Remaining IC and IC Character Behavior

  • Players are expected to remain IC at all times, beyond short OOC conversations for gamelay purposes. Long-term OOC conversations can be taken to Tells (which is considered to be always OOC). OOC chat is expected to be demarcated with appropriate symbols: ((OOC)), // OOC etc. Players should remain aware of metagaming, and should try and restrict their character's knowledge only to things they would have a reason to know.
  • Players are asked to remain aware of how NPCs might react to their character's actions in the gameworld. While DMs cannot always be present to provide reactivity, NPCs can't be ignored. Behaviors such as excessive running through towns, brandishing weapons or a flagrant use of magic would cause a reaction of suspicion or even panic in some situations. These kinds of actions need to have valid IC rationale.

PvP and Conflict

Foreword: TDN is not the server to join if your primary intention is to spend most of your time PvPing, or Ganking others without regard for story and RP. PvP should be an event that advances a story, not something that is built into the central gameplay cycle. Although TDN is not a free-for-all PvP server, we have specific expectations and rules around this playstyle. That said, our rules below outline how these engagements should be handled.

Conflict between characters, factions, merchant families and more is inevitable. We ask that this conflict always remain IC, and to have sufficient RP to build up to any encounters and be ROLE PLAYED. There must be some type of interaction BEFORE any combat occurs. The following are expectations as it relates to PvP. Violation of any of these rules should be reported to a DM immediately, or sent as a PM via the Forum to Aschent_.

  1. The Dragon's Neck is about the World's Story, and each Character's story. PvP, similarly, is about the larger narrative and should support that story as much as possible. There is a general thought that pages in a book or scenes in a movie should not exist unless it is advancing the narrative. Similarly, PvP should never exist unless it is advancing a narrative or story. We ask that players aim to use alternative methods to handle conflict and fighting before engaging in unmitigated PvP (I.e. Subdual Mode, Rolls, Emotes, etc.)
    • Additionally, players should aim to have a reason and evidence that support the belief that PvP should have obviously been in the cards. For example:
      1. Glaring at someone in a bar, does not warrant a knife in the gut.
      2. Repeated verbal attacks mocking another player might warrant a subdual fight/combat outside of town.
      3. Threatening someone with violence after verbal attacks or otherwise, might warrant a subdual fight/combat OR valid PvP outside of town.
  2. Always keep in mind the potential OOC impact that could come from PvP. Although not required, it is highly encouraged and recommended to OOCly let the opposing player know that the conflict is escalating in the direction of potential PvP. In the event you feel like you were forced into PvP without proper IC reasoning, notify a DM immediately.
  3. Do not abuse PvP rules to your advantage. Furthermore, players should not feign OOC innocence in a conflict in an effort to avoid PvP only to obtain a greater advantage later IC as the initiator.
  4. DMs who possess Guard NPCs to handle in-town or in-city conflict should be followed closely. PCs who egregiously resist are subject to seeing their PC jailed for up to a week or more.
    1. DMs are not required to roleplay out ability-score roles if a player attempts to 'overpower' the guard. If a DM has the time to do so, they can take part, however it is not a requirement.
  5. Do not use OOC motivation to engage in PvP with another player. If you feel you are being targetted due to experiences or events on different servers, contact a DM or Aschent_ immediately. Screenshots are always helpful.
  6. Moving the Corpse for OOC reasons is not permitted. Examples of reasonable movement include:
    1. Into some bushes and off a main road.
    2. Into a storage closet if inside a building.
  7. Whenever PvP hostilities take place, a notification is sent to DMs both in-game and on the TDN Discord. We want to provide support and oversight where possible.
  8. Traps should be used in moderation. Trapping Transition Points is never permitted. Trap Stacking is also disallowed. Best practice is to stick with a two trap maximum per-engagement.
  9. If you decide to engage in PvP, it is expected you remain online on the server for a reasonable period of time following the PvP so that others may respond as needed. Similarly, playing excessively on alt solely to avoid conflict of your own making, or otherwise quitting the server until IC conflict dies down, is subject to both IC and OOC consequences.
  10. If you wish to play on TDN without concern for PvP, simply avoid taking sides in any capacity and you should be fine. As always, if you feel you are being targetted for reasons unrelated to your PC's roleplay, or that the conflict that took place was not legitimate enough to constitute PvP, contact a DM or Aschent.
The team is here to support HEALTHY roleplay and story-building, not spend hours deliberating on PvP results and arguments. As such, we may make tweaks or changes to this ruleset at any time.

PvP and Death
Dying & Death work differently for PvP. Please review our Death & Dying post for more details.

PvP and PermaDeath
Failing to follow the below rules may result in severe consequences based on the situation. Up to and including permanent bans in the more severe circumstances.

Along with the Death & Dying details above, players who wish to enact a Permadeath engagement upon another player have the following responsibilities:
  1. Players have to provide in writing their intention, their justification, and at least one screenshot of evidence towards what they're saying.
    1. This must be sent via Forum PM to Aschent_.
  2. They have to go ahead and actually kill the other PC.
  3. They have to execute the PC, which notifies the DMs.
Victims of Permadeath have the following responsibilities (if disputing the event):
  1. The victim has to contest the death by providing evidence (screenshots and otherwise) via PM to Aschent_.

Lastly, we on the TDN team have seen conflict done very well and done very poorly, and we have seen the outcomes of both. We treat a player's approach to PvP and conflict very seriously for those reasons.

Dungeoning and Exploits
  • Farming or camping dungeons is not allowed.. Likewise, we ask players not to exploit or manipulate NwN mechanics for an advantage while dungeoning. Things such as drawing spawns through encounters in order to escape death, pulling large groups of enemies into one spot and trapping enemies through quirks in an area's tileset are considered OOC and are not permitted.
    • Stealth looting or leveraging the Invisibility Spell to loot a dungeon, is considered a form of farming and against the spirit of TDN. This can be further defined by using either of the above to avoid all forms of combat and only obtain gold.
  • While we provide some examples of exploits below, the list is not an 'end all be all', it is important to note that we expect the community to play the game with the mindset and intent that the integrity of the experience be maintained. Generally, we identify exploits as things that are done to take advantage of the Engine, a system, or the server. We're focused on the intent behind the action. When in doubt, ask!
  • List of actions that are exploitative in nature:
    • Taking Advantage of Poor AI "Pathing":The act of intentionally leading enemies to a spot in a dungeon or on the server where they are guaranteed to get stuck, and then killing those enemies from ranged/safety as they cannot reach the PC. Asking yourself "Would the NPC really act like this?" is a good checkpoint on these types of things.
      • Finding one or two enemies in a dungeon that get stuck and have to be killed is not exploiting.
        • In these instances, attempt to unstick the enemy by engaging from a different position. If one enemy gets stuck while engaging an encounter, it is permissible to take care of the group before attempting to 'unstick' the final creature. If you've made the effort, killing the NPC is fine. Please report these instances to the DM team with a Bug Ticket.
      • Pathing abuse as a process of clearing an encounter or dungeon IS considered exploiting.
    • Side-Stepping to avoid being Overburdened: The act of using keyboard commands to sidestep your character at regular speed, bypassing your PC's weight limit speed restriction.
    • Swapping Weapons mid-combat frequently to obtain higher APR: Using quickslots to swap weapons mid-combat, at times, can prompt another Attack-Per-Round. Swapping weapons in general during combat isn't naturally perceived as abuse, however it becomes obvious very quickly if someone is attempting to take advantage of the Engine in this way.
    • Pulling Single Mobs via Line-of-Sight:The act of approaching a group of monsters, avoiding line of sight for the majority, and ranged attacking one and only pulling that single creature. (In some cases, the other monsters that are nearby the attacked creature, will not engage the aggressor, despite the originally attacked creature charging forward.)
      • Pulling a group of creatures with a ranged attack, and then leading them to a choke point, or through a spot where you've established strategic advantages, is acceptable.
      • Note on Corner Re-Stealthing: This is defined by "The act of turning a corner while being chased by an enemy, and using the NPC's Line-of-Sight loss to immediately go back into stealth for purposes of gaining Sneak Attacks/Death Attacks on the enemy."
        • Corner Re-Stealthing is acceptable assuming that you have not violated the "Single Mob" process, or if there is a reasonable period of time between fleeing and stealthing. Similarly, appropriate distance, such as the NPC lagging behind considerably, permits the act of Corner Re-Stealthing. If a PC opts to pull the encounter as designed, this tactic is acceptable.
  • We do not allow muling (passing items between your own characters) and twinking (giving powerful items to players that would have no way of normally obtaining then). Exploiting game mechanics is never allowed, and players are encouraged to privately report any exploits to the team.

Character Creation and Interaction
  • All players are expected to follow the character creation guidelines provided on the forums. Likewise, we expect characters to RP only what is present on their character sheet. They can't use abilities they don't have, or faculties they may lack. They are expected to play their statistics as they're presented on their character sheet. As such, characters with a single digit in INT, CHA, and WIS are not permitted to play on TDN. This means a character with 9 or lower in all three is illegal.
    • Use proper English with Character Names.
    • Do not use obviously unique, famous, or infamous names (Darth Vader, Drizzt, etc).
    • Do not use coloring codes on your PC's name.
  • While romantic interactions are perfectly acceptable, we do not allow sexually explicit RP in any capacity on this server. This includes any form of RP interaction in tells (if two characters are "afk" in an inn room, we reserve the right to break it up and remind you to log off). If a story is heading in that direction, players are to take all such interactions off-server. ERP (Erotic Roleplay) is not tolerated on TDN.

Enforcement and Disputes
  • While the rules and conduct expectations outlined above are meant to provide a general overview of how the team wishes the server to operate, the DM Team, is expected to provide ongoing feedback to the community when necessary. In some cases these conversations will revolve around character stories and future events, other cases may be specific to roleplay processes and clarification of guidelines and expectations.
  • If at any time you feel that you are receiving unwarranted DM oversight, please Aschent_ with your concerns. As a Development & DM Team, we are open to feedback and ensuring we provide a place to play that is engaging for players while maintaining a consistent setting that does not bog people down with thousands of rules. These options and communication avenues exist to support the community, if you have suggestions related to systems or rules, please use Discord or the Forum to express those suggestions.
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