Hexblades are innate arcanists that, through some inner calling or by some form of mentorship, have mingled their spellcasting prowess with martial might. Owing no allegiance to any particular god or patron, they often find themselves following their own path. In the wake of The Longest Year and by merit of their application of the Art, most fear and distrust them even more than the average spellcaster. Hexblades tend to focus on personal gain, whether that gain is power, prestige, wealth, or all the above. At lower levels, the hexblade relies on melee ability augmented by his special power to curse his enemies. As he gains experience, he becomes capable of enhancing his blade with various hex enchantments, while his curse ability becomes more potent and he gains the ability to warp the normal laws of probability.

Alignment Restriction: Any non-good. A Hexblade who becomes good-aligned loses the ability to use all Hexblade class abilities. He may not progress any farther in levels as a Hexblade. He retains all the other benefits of the class (weapon and armor proficiencies and bonus feats).

Hit Die: d8

Proficiencies: Hexblades are proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light and medium armor, and with shields (except tower shields). A Hexblade does not incur any spell failure for the use of any of his abilities.

Skill Points: 3 + INT Modifier

Class Skills: Bluff, Concentration, Discipline, Diplomacy, Decipher Script, Heal, Intimidate, Knowledge: All, Perception, Perform, Spellcraft, Taunt, Tumble and Use Magic Device.

Primary Saving Throws: Reflex & Will

Base Attack Bonus: +1 / Level

Note: All Hexblade abilities are considered arcane in nature, and thus makes them ineligible for multiclassing with classes like Artificer and Palestone Knight.

Level Progression

LevelBABFortReflexWillFeatHexblade Curse DC
Arcane Defense [Enchantment]​
Hexblade’s Curse​
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
Bonus Feat (Hex Strike)​
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
Absorb Spell I (2x/day)​
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
Arcane Defense [Transmutation]​
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
Shroud of Misfortune I​
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
Absorb Spell II (4x/day)​
14 / 50% for 2 rounds
Arcane Defense [Evocation]​
18 / 50% for 2 rounds
Bonus Feat (Hex Strike)​
18 / 50% for 2 rounds
18 / 50% for 2 rounds
Shroud of Misfortune II​
18 / 50% for 2 rounds
13th+11/+6/+1+4+8+8Bonus Feat (Hex Strike)18 / 50% for 2 rounds
18 / 50% for 2 rounds
Arcane Defense [Necromancy]​
20 / 50% for 2 rounds
Absorb Spell III (6x/day)​
20 / 50% for 2 rounds
Bonus Feat (Hex Strike)​
20 / 50% for 2 rounds
Blade of Woe​
22 / 50% for 2 rounds

  • Arcane Defense: At levels 1, 5, 9 and 15 the Hexblade will receive Arcane Defense against a particular school at each level. See the list above for the specific schools granted and when.
  • Hexblade's Curse: The Hexblade can apply a curse to their weapon for 10 minutes / Hexblade class level. This effect acts similarly to the Doom spell, with a DC vs Will that scales based on the Hexblade’s level - see table above.
    • Any effect that removes or dispels a curse eliminates the effect of a hexblade's curse.
    • The DC is listed as X / 50% for 2 rounds; this means that each hit has a 50% chance to attempt to apply the effect which then checks for the saving throw.
  • Hex Strike: The Hexblade can take a Hex Strike as a bonus feat. Each Hex Strike deals a certain damage type. Depending on which is used, these strikes will apply a temporary buff if the strike hits (4 rounds + 1 / per Charisma modifier). However, hit or miss, a Hex Strike can only be used once every 3 minutes. See the list below for the specifics of each Hex Strike available.
  • Absorb Spell: At level 4, the Hexblade gains the abilty to grant themselves a shield which absorb a single spell of up to 1st level, two times per day. The shield lasts for 1 rounds +1 round / Hexblade’s Charisma modifier. If a spell is absorbed in that time, the Hexblade gains +3 regen for a number of rounds equal to the spell level. At level 8, the shield absorbs up to level 2 spells and can be used four times per day. At level 16, the shield absorbs up to level 4 spells and can be used six times per day.
  • Shroud of Misfortune: The Hexblade can conjure a magic veil around themself which distorts an attacker’s perception of them. This veil grants 30% concealment for 2 rounds +1 round for every 6 levels of Hexblade. At level 14 the concealment bonus becomes 40%. This ability can be used once every 10 minutes.
  • Blade of Woe: Similar to a Hex Strike, this charges an attack that, if it hits, will deal the following effects: Disease (Zombie Creep) (DC=20) , Poison (DC=20) (Amount: 1d2 Intelligence) and Wounding (DC=20). If the Blade of Woe hits the enemy, the Hexblade's weapon will also be imbued with Vampiric Regeneration 3 for 4 rounds + 1 / their Charisma modifier. This ability can be used once every 12 minutes and does not share a cooldown with Hex Strike.

Hex Strikes:
  • Disintegrating: Deals 1d8 Acid damage. If it hits, the Hexblade’s weapon is imbued with 2 Acid damage and casts Acid Splash on hit.
  • Blazing: Deals 1d8 Fire damage. If it hits, the Hexblade’s weapon is imbued with 2 Fire damage and casts Flare on hit.
  • Shocking: Deals 1d8 Electrical damage. If it hits, the Hexblade’s weapon is imbued with 2 Electrical damage and casts Electric Jolt on hit.
Can only be taken after level 10:
  • Languid: Deals 1d8 Cold damage. If it hits, the Hexblade’s weapon is imbued with 2 Cold damage and casts Slow on hit. (DC 18 / 75% / 1 round)
  • Corrupting: Deals 1d8 Negative damage. If it hits, the Hexblade’s weapon is imbued with 2 Negative damage and casts Poison on hit. (1d2 Constitution damage, DC 18)
  • Booming: Deals 1d8 Sonic damage. If it hits, the Hexblade’s weapon is imbued with 2 Sonic damage and casts Deafness on hit (DC 18 / 75% / 1 round)