In-Game Noticeboard


The Noticeboard system is designed to provide players an engaging method of communication that can be seen both in-game and in Discord. TDN Rules & Guidelines still apply to all Notices, and as such the content of all Notices should be made "In-Character".

Interacting with the Noticeboard
Required Item:
  • Noticeboard Notice - These can be purchased from General Merchants in towns & cities.

Using your item and description renamer tools (widgets in your inventory), modify the name and description of the purchased Notice. This can then be added to the Noticeboard by clicking on the noticeboard and interacting with the dialog box.


Noticeboard Options
  • View available notices: You will be able to see all posted notices by players throughout the server.
  • Post a notice: Requires a Noticeboard Notice.
  • Remove a notice: Players can only remove their own notice. DMs can remove notices for anyone.

Be aware: Posting a notice will also send a Discord notify, as shown below: