Maps of The Forgotten Realms

Below you'll find maps to help you visualize The Forgotten Realms.

Realmspace is the crystal sphere or "solar system" in which the planet Toril is located. Like Earth, Toril is the third planet from the Sun. However, unlike our solar system, many planets in Realmspace have inhabitants.

Toril is the planet on which most lore of The Forgotten Realms has been created, and its inhabitants are called Torilians. Toril's largest moon is named Selûne which is tidally locked to the planet. Toril has many different continents but none are detailed as well as Faerûn and Kara-Tur. The below map/globe is a generally accepted version of Toril though there is some debate among lore sages as to the exact accuracy. The continent of Faerûn is where most of the action within the Forgotten Realms takes place.


Globe of Toril

Faerûn contains every biome, race, religion, and activity one can think of. It contains an impossible number of locations capable of suiting any storyteller's whim. Below is a 3rd Edition (this is the edition our server takes place in) map of Faerûn drawn by one of our current developers. Clicking on the map will take you to a huge full-size map that you can download.

Lands of Intrigue
The Dragon's Neck server takes place around a location of the same name within the region known best as the Lands of Intrigue which contain the nations of Amn, Tethyr, Erlkazar, and Calimshan. The map below details this region, as well as the changes made by our server lore. This map will continue to be updated as our server goes live and the narrative creates changes.

Below is a visual of the Duchies and Counties of Tethyr.