PRC Mentoring


In an effort to encourage RP and enhance the selection of a PRC for a Character, we are introducing the Mentorship concept to TDN. Anyone that takes a PRC level is considered a mentor for purposes of this system and can take on a mentee. With a few exceptions (outlined below), mentorships will be required to take a PRC in a player's build.

Which Classes Require Mentoring?
  • Bladesinger
  • Palestone Knight
  • Shadowdancer
How does it work?
  • Mentors select the mentee that they wish to train. Mentors can only take on one mentee at a time. Similarly, mentees can only have one mentor at a time.
    • This selection is done via command/dialog window.
  • Mentor & mentee must meet once every 24 hours for the length of 15 total days. The command/ability are used to initiate the "mentor meeting". There is no minimum/maximum length of time required for the mentor meeting, however we highly recommend players to roleplay this out.
  • If a mentor/mentee do not meet in the 24 hour window, no progress is lost, however they must meet a total of 15 times for the mentorship to complete.
    • I.e. This means you don't need to rush your mentor or mentee through the process. Take your time and enjoy the RP aspect.
  • Once the mentorship is completed, the PC will be eligible to take the PRC.
  • Note: Mentorships can start at ANY level. We recommend starting this search early on in your PC's lifetime if your objective is to take a particular PRC.

  • PCs who mentor other players will receive a yet-to-be-decided bonus/boon, so there is still reason to take part in the mentorship experience.
  • Mentees will similarly receive a bonus to finding a mentor before taking the PRC.

  • The first four players for the PRCs that require a Mentor will work with a DM to run specific-events to both evaluate and approve the individual for the PRC.
    • Reminder: PRCs that require a mentorship are: Bladesinger, Palestone Knight & Shadowdancer.
    • More details to come on the nature of these events and pre-reqs.
  • In the event that a player believes they are being gatekept from a PRC, OR the current mentors are offline for an extended period of time [this will be tracked by devs], they can partner with a DM to circumvent the need for a full-length mentorship to take the PRC.