Pantheons and Patrons


Pantheons and Patrons

Please be aware that the information on these pages may be altered to fit TDN's narrative. As part of these changes, TDN enforces worshiping restrictions for characters. Within the descriptions of the pantheons are those details. While we recognize this does limit some legitimate choices, we feel it helps minimize the policing of extremely strange and unacceptable choices. These restrictions are in place for character creation, but, through a DM, a character may be allowed to worship outside these restrictions after level 9. Characters who worship strange deities for their race may find difficulties within the narrative of the server and the TDN staff prefers for uncommon worship to develop within the context of the server's narrative and not from a very unusual backstory which may clash with the server's culture.

Note: Players are expected to keep records and proof of IC progression toward a deity change, as such we recommend players to take extensive screenshots, and/or leverage our Discord's journal feature.

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*Please note on the following tables that "Priest" is used as a classification of religious classes -not- as a synonym for Cleric. Clerics, Druids, Monks, and Shamans are priest classes. Paladins, Rangers, and Favored Souls are not priest classes but they do receive spells from deities and follow alignment restrictions. Paladins must be LG, while Rangers and Favored Souls must follow priest alignments. All religions support Favored Souls while the other classes are dependent.*


Faithless Characters
Following the Longest Year, debate circled on whether faithlessness grew or whether the faithless were simply more visible. Various orders and groups of faithless became widely known and despite them remaining a small percentage of the population, it was no doubt that almost everyone seemed to know of at least one. Despite their recent visibility, however, the faithless were still seen by many as anything from willfully ignorant to dangerously deranged and were often treated as such. How anyone could fully forsake the gods was wildly bizarre to some, whilst others impacted by the Longest Year, began to understand the perspective of faithless. Characters may know that choosing to be faithless used to supposedly mean, upon death, suffering in the Wall of Faithless for eternity and that no mortal means can raise them once dead - however in the wake of the Longest Year and its evident change upon the world, what happens beyond death is now entirely unknown. And so while the uncommon choice of faithless was always there, few walk it even now, and those who do choose this uncertain path do so knowing they will not be treated like others. Faithless is a choice characters may make on TDN once in the OOC zone, however, doing so may come with social and gameplay repercussions. To be clear, Faithlessness on TDN does not have any impact on death due to most deaths not actually being considered true death, but more a defeat.

Being False
The False intentionally betrayed a faith they believed in and to which they had made a personal commitment. The False are said to be punished according to their crimes in life and apparently serve their sentence in the City of Judgment for eternity. Nearly all of the beings in the city are allegedly members of the False, the rest being deceased followers of Jergal and Kelemvor who enact the will of their deities upon the doomed souls. Depending upon the severity of their crimes, some of the False are said to receive relatively light punishments, such as escorting visiting baatezu or patrolling the city for unauthorized guests. Others are supposedly punished in ways that would surprise the cruelest demon. Renouncing your god or betraying your faith is a very serious matter for mortals, and like faithlessness, would likely be treated with astonishment, dismay, and other acts of disconcert. While we don't represent the Fugue Plane on TDN and being false has no effect mechanics-wise through death, divine characters may suffer mechanically from not following their dogmas and oaths.

Faerûnian Pantheon

The Faerûnian Pantheon is the most worshiped pantheon in the continent Faerûn. It contains far more deities than the racial pantheons and covers nearly all aspects of life (portfolios), including some very specific. Most humans worship within this pantheon. On TDN, at character creation, humans must choose patron deities within this pantheon. Half-elves may worship this pantheon freely. Other human pantheons including the Mulhorandi Pantheon are not clerically supported.

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsPriest AlignUndeadClericShamanPaladinMonkDruidRangerFavored WeaponAdjective
AkadiNAir, Movement, SpeedAir, Travel, TrickeryNG, LN, N, CN, NENeitherNoYesNoNoNoNoHeavy FlailAkadian
AurilNECold, WinterAir, Evil, WaterLE, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoYesYesBattleaxeAurilian
AzuthLNMages, Spellcasters, WizardsKnowledge, MagicLE, LG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoQuarterstaffAzuthan
Bahamut†LGGood Dragons, Wind, WisdomAir, Good, Luck, ProtectionLG, NGTurnYesNoYesNoNoNoHeavy PickBahamutan
Bane†LEStrife, Hatred, Tyranny, FearEvil, DestructionLN, LE, NERebuke/CmndYesNoNoYesNoNoMorningstarBanite
BeshabaCEAccidents, Bad Luck, Misfortune, MischiefEvil, Luck, TrickeryCN, NE, CEBoth*YesNoNoNoNoNoWhipBeshaban
ChaunteaNGAgriculture, Farmers, SummerAnimal, Earth, Good, Plant, ProtectionLG, NG, CG, NTurnYesYesYesNoYesYesScytheChauntean
CyricCEDeception, Illusion, Intrigue, Lies, MurderDestruction, Evil, TrickeryNE, CE, CNRebuke/CmndYesNoNoNoNoNoLongswordCyricist
DeneirNGCartography, Glyphs, Images, Literature, ScribesGood, Knowledge, ProtectionCG, LG, NGTurnYesNoNoYesNoNoDaggerDeneirrath
EldathNGPeace, Pools, Quiet Places, Springs, WaterfallsGood, Plant, Protection, WaterCG, LG, NGTurnYesNoYesNoYesYesFlailEldathyn
Finder WyvernspurCNCycle of life, Saurials, Transformation of artKnowledge, TravelCE, CG, CNBoth*YesNoNoNoNoNoBastard SwordFinderite
GaragosCNWar, Destruction, Plunder, Skill-at-armsDestruction, Strength, WarCE, CG, CNRebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoYesLongswordGaragathan
GargauthLEBetrayal, Cruelty, Political Corruption, PowerbrokersEvil, TrickeryLN, LE, NERebuke/CmndYesNoNoNoNoNoDaggerGargauthan
GondNArtifice, Construction, Craft, SmithworkEarth, Fire, KnowledgeAnyTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoWarhammerGondar
GrumbarNChangelessness, Elemental Earth, Oaths, SolidityEarth, StrengthNG, LN, N, CN, NENeitherNoYesNoYesNoNoWarhammerGrumbarryn
Gwaeron WindstromNGRangers of the North, TrackingAnimal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, TravelLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesGreatswordGwaeronan
HelmLNGuardians, Protection, ProtectorsProtection, StrengthLG, LN, LETurnYesNoYesYesNoNoBastard SwordHelmite
HoarLNPoetic Justice, Retribution, RevengeDestruction, Strength, TravelLG, LN, LETurnYesNoYesNoNoNoSpearHoarite
IlmaterLNEndurance, Martyrdom, Perseverance, SufferingGood, Healing, StrengthLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoUnarmed StrikeIlmateri
IstishiaNElemental Water, PurificationDestruction, Travel, WaterLN, NG, N, CN, NENeitherNoYesNoNoNoNoWarhammerIstishian
Iyachtu XvimLETyranny, HatredDestruction, Evil, StrengthLN, LE, NEBoth*YesNoNoYesNoNoScimitarXvimlar
JergalLNFatalism, Guardian of Tombs, Proper BurialDeath, KnowledgeLN, LE, LGBoth*YesNoYesYesNoNoScytheJergali
KelemvorLNDeath, the DeadDeath, Protection, TravelLN, LE, LGTurnYesNoYesYesNoYesBastard SwordKelemvorite
KossuthNElemental Fire, Purification through fireDestruction, FireCN, LE, LG, LN, N, NE, NGNeitherNoYesNoYesNoNoFlailKossuthan
LathanderNGAthletics, Birth, Creativity, Dawn, Renewal, Self-Perfection, Spring, Vitality, YouthGood, Protection, Strength, SunLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoHeavy MaceLathanderian
LliiraCGDance, Festivals, Freedom, Happiness, Joy, LibertyGood, TravelNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoShurikenLliiran
LoviatarLEAgony, Hurt, Pain, Suffering, Torment, TortureEvil, StrengthLE, NE, LNRebuke/CmndYesNoNoYesNoNoWhipLoviatan
LurueCGIntelligent Nonhumanoid Creatures, Talking beastsAnimal, Good, HealingNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesShortspearLuruean
MalarCEBloodlust, Evil Lycanthropes, Hunters, StalkingAnimal, Evil, StrengthNE, CE, CNRebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoYesYesGauntletMalarite
MaskNEShadows, Thievery, ThievesEvil, Luck, TrickeryLE, NE, CEBoth*YesNoNoNoNoNoLongswordMaskarran
MielikkiNGAutumn, Dryads, Forest Creatures, Forests, RangersAnimal, Good, Plant, TravelLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoYesNoYesYesScimitarMielikkian
MililNGEloquence, Poetry, SongGood, KnowledgeLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoYesNoNoNoRapierMililan
MystraNGMagic, Spells, the WeaveGood, Knowledge, MagicLG, NG, CG, LN, LEBoth*YesNoYesYesNoNoShurikenMystran
NobanionLGGood Beasts, Lions and Feline Beasts, RoyaltyAnimal, GoodLG, NG, LNTurnYesYesNoNoYesYesHeavy PickNobanionite
OghmaNBards, Inspiration, Invention, KnowledgeKnowledge, Luck, Travel, TrickeryAnyTurnYesNoNoYesNoNoLongswordOghmanyte
Red KnightLNPlanning, Strategy, TacticsTravel, WarLG, LN, LEBoth*YesNoYesNoNoYesLongswordRed Knightist
SavrasLNDivination, Fate, TruthKnowledge, MagicLG, LN, LEBoth*YesNoNoNoNoNoDaggerSavrathan
SelûneCGGood and Neutral Lycanthropes, Moon, Navigation, Questers, Stars, WanderersGood, Protection, TravelCG, CN, NGTurnYesNoYesYesNoYesHeavy MaceSelûnite
SharNECaverns, Dark, Dungeons, Forgetfulness, Loss, Night, Secrets, the UnderdarkEvil, Knowledge, MagicLE, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesNoNoYesNoNoFirewheelSharran
SharessCGCats, Festhalls, Hedonism, Sensual FulfillmentGood, Travel, TrickeryNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoGauntletSharessan
ShaundakulCNCaravans, Exploration, Portals, Miners, TravelAir, Protection, TravelCN, CG, CENeitherYesNoNoNoNoYesGreatswordShaundakun
ShialliaNGNeverwinter Wood, The High Forest, Woodland Fertility, Woodland Glades, GrowthAnimal, Good, PlantLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesQuarterstaffShiallian
SiamorpheLNHuman Royalty, Nobles, Rightful rule of nobilityKnowledge, SunLG, LN, LEBoth^YesNoYesNoNoNoLight MaceSiamorphan
SilvanusNDruids, Wild NatureAnimal, Plant, Protection, WaterNG, LN, N, CN, NETurnYesYesNoNoYesYesMaulSilvanite
SuneCGBeauty, Love, PassionGood, ProtectionCG, NG, CNTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoWhipSunite
TalonaCEDisease, PoisonDestruction, EvilCN, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoYesYesUnarmed StrikeTalonite
TalosCEConflagrations, Destruction, Earthquakes, Rebellion, Storms, VorticesAir, Destruction, Evil, FireCN, NE, CEBoth*YesNoNoNoYesYesSpearTalassan
TempusCNBattle, Warriors, WarProtection, Strength, WarCE, CN, CGTurnYesYesNoNoNoYesBattleaxeTempuran
Tiamat†LEChessenta, Evil Dragons, Evil Reptiles, GreedDestruction, Evil, TrickeryLN, LE, NERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoNoHeavy PickTiamatan
TormLGDuty, Loyalty, Obedience, PaladinsGood, Healing, Protection, StrengthLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoGreatswordTormish
TymoraCGAdventurers, Good Fortune, Skill, VictoryGood, Luck, Protection, TravelCN, NG, CGTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoShurikenTymoran
TyrLGJusticeGood, Knowledge, WarLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoLongswordTyrran
Ubtao†NCreation, Jungles, Chult, the Chultans, DinosaursPlant, ProtectionLN, NG, N, NE, CNTurnNoYesNoNoYesYesHeavy PickUbtaoan
Ulutiu†LNGlaciers, Polar Environments, Arctic DwellersAnimal, Protection, Strength, WaterLG, LN, LE ‡TurnYesYesNoNoYesYesSpearUlutiun
UmberleeCECurrents, Oceans, Sea Winds, WavesDestruction, Evil, WaterCE, CN, NERebuke/CmndYesNoNoNoYesYesTridentUmberlant
UthgarCNPhysical Strength, the Uthgardt Barbarian TribesAnimal, Strength, WarTotem Align‡Both^NoYesNoNoNoYesBattleaxeUthgardt
ValkurCGFavorable Winds, Naval Combat, Sailors, ShipsAir, Good, ProtectionCG, CN, NGBoth^YesNoNoYesNoNoScimitarValkuryte
VelsharoonNEEvil Liches, Necromancers, Necromancy, UndeathDeath, Evil, MagicLE, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesNoNoYesNoNoQuarterstaffVelsharan
WaukeenNMoney, Trade, WealthKnowledge, Protection, TravelNG, LN, N, CN, NEBoth*YesNoNoNoNoNoNunchakuWaukeenar

† Unavailable for divine worship on TDN. See the deities' specific entries for reasoning.
‡ Uthgar's cleric alignment depends on the specific tribe's totem. Ulutiu has beast totems as well as direct worship.
* When "Both" controlling undead is based on alignment - (Good & Neutral=Turn || Evil=Rebuke/Command)
^ When "Both" controlling undead is based on alignment - (Good=Turn || Neutral & Evil=Rebuke/Command)

Elven Pantheon
The Seldarine (Elvish for "fellowship of brothers and sisters of the wood") is the elven pantheon of deities that resides in the dominion of Arvandor under the leadership of Corellon Larethian. While the gods of the elven pantheon are actively involved in the collective lives of their worshipers, few intervene directly in events affecting a particular individual or even a small group of elves. Like the Fair Folk, the Seldarine tend to have very long-range perspectives, and they never intervene directly in the unfolding history of the Realms without a great deal of consideration and discussion. Most all of elf-kind worships the Seldarine. On TDN, at character creation, elves are required to choose patron deities within this pantheon or Eilistraee. Half-elves may worship this pantheon freely (including Eilistraee).

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsPriest AlignUndeadClericShamanPaladinMonkDruidRangerFavored WeaponAdjective
Aerdrie FaenyaCGAir, Avariels, Avians, Fertility, Rain, WeatherAir, Animal, GoodCG, CN, NGTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesQuarterstaffAerdrian
AngharradhCGBirth, Defense, Fertility, Planting, Spring, WisdomGood, Knowledge, Plant, ProtectionNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesSpearAngharradhan
Corellon LarethianCGArts, Bards, Crafts, Magic, Music, Poetry, the Elven Race (especially sun elves), War, WarriorsGood, Magic, Protection, WarCG, NG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoYesLongswordCorellite
Deep Sashelas†CGCreation, Knowledge, Oceans, Sea ElvesGood, Knowledge, WaterNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesTridentSashelan
Erevan IlesereCNChange, Mischief, RoguesLuck, TrickeryCG, CN, CETurnYesNoNoNoNoNoShortswordErevanian
Fenmarel MestarineCNFeral Elves, Outcasts, Scapegoats, IsolationAnimal, Plant, TravelCG, CN, CEBoth*NoYesNoNoYesYesDaggerFenmaren
Hanali CelanilCGArtists, Beauty, Enchantments, Fine Art, Love, Magic Item Artistry, RomanceGood, Magic, ProtectionNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoDaggerHanalian
KhalreshaarCGHalf Elves, Rangers, Swift TravelAnimal, Good, Plant, TravelNG, CG, CNTurnYesYesNoNoYesYesScimitarKhalreshaan
Labelas EnorethCGHistory, Longevity, the Moment of Choice, TimeGood, KnowledgeCG, CN, NGTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoQuarterstaffLabelasan
Rillifane RallathilCGDruids, Nature, Wild Elves, WoodlandsGood, Plant, ProtectionNG, CG, CNTurnYesYesNoNoYesYesQuarterstaffRillifanean
Sehanine MoonbowCGDeath, Dreams, Journeys, Moon Elves, Mysticism, the Heavens, the Moon, the Stars, TranscendenceGood, Knowledge, TravelNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoYesQuarterstaffSehanite
ShevarashCNCrusades, Hatred of the drow, Loss, VengeanceDestruction, WarCG, CN, CEBoth*YesNoNoNoNoYesLongbowShevarashan
Solonor ThelandiraCGArchery, Hunting, Wilderness SurvivalGood, Plant, WarNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesLongbowSolonoran
EilistraeeCGSong, Beauty, Dance, Swordwork, Hunting, MoonlightGood, Travel, LuckCG, CN, NGTurnYesNoNoNoNoYesBastard SwordEilistraean

† Unavailable for divine worship on TDN. See the deities' specific entries for reasoning.
* When "Both" controlling undead is based on alignment - (Good & Neutral=Turn || Evil=Rebuke/Command)

Dwarven Pantheon
The Morndinsamman (dwarven for "shield brothers on high" or "high dwarves") was the collective name of the deities that formed the pantheon worshiped by dwarves. The majority of the Morndinsamman reside in Dwarfhome under the leadership of Moradin, creator of the dwarves. The Morndinsamman are intimately involved with the lives of their worshipers, and the Stout Folk as a whole are an unusually devout race. Faced with the slow decline of dwarves across Faerun, the dwarven powers have become increasingly active as they seek to reverse that trend. Dwarves overwhelmingly worship the Morndinsamman. On TDN, at character creation, dwarves must choose a patron deity within this pantheon.

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsPriest AlignUndeadClericShamanPaladinMonkDruidRangerFavored WeaponAdjective
AbbathorNEGreedEvil, Luck, TrickeryLE, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesNoNoNoNoNoDaggerAbbathoran
Berronar TruesilverLGFaithfulness, Healing, Home, Honesty, Loyalty, Marriage, Oaths, Records, Safety, The Dwarven FamilyGood, Healing, ProtectionLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYes♀NoNoNoHeavy MaceBerronan
Clangeddin SilverbeardLGBattle, Bravery, Honor in Battle, Valor, WarGood, Strength, WarLG, LN, NGTurnYesNoYesNoNoNoBattleaxeClangeddite
Deep Duerra†LEPsionics, Conquest, ExpansionEvil, WarLN, LE, NERebuke/CmndYesNoNoNoNoNoBattleaxeDuerran
Dugmaren BrightmantleCGDiscovery, Invention, ScholarshipGood, Knowledge, TravelNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoShortswordDugmarenite
DumathoinNBuried Wealth, Exploration, Gems, Guardian of the dead, Mining, Ores, and Shield DwarvesEarth, Knowledge, ProtectionNG, LN, N, CN, NETurnYesNoNoNoNoYesMaulDumathan
Gorm GulthynLGDefense, Guardian of all Dwarves, WatchfulnessGood, Protection, WarLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoDwarven WaraxeGormite
Haela BrightaxeCGDwarven Fighters, Joy of Battle, Luck in BattleGood, Luck, WarCG, CN, NGTurnYesNoNoNoNoYesGreatswordHaelan
LaduguerLEArtisans, Gray Dwarves, Magic, Magic Weapon CreationEvil, Magic, ProtectionLN, LE, NETurnYesNoNoNoNoNoWarhammerLadugueran
Marthammor DuinNGExpatriates, Explorers, Guides, Lightning, TravelersGood, Protection, TravelCG, LG, NGTurnYesNoNoNoYesYesHeavy MaceMarthammoran
MoradinLGCreation, Dwarves, Metalcraft, Protection, Smithing, StoneworkEarth, Good, ProtectionLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesNoNoNoWarhammerMoradite
SharindlarCGCourtship, Dancing, Fertility, Healing, Mercy, Romantic Love, the MoonGood, HealingNG, CG, CNTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoWhipSharindlaran
Thard HarrCGHunting, Jungle Survival, Wild DwarvesAnimal, Good, PlantCG, CN, NGTurnYesYesNoNoYesYesGauntletThardite
VergadainNChance, Luck, Negotiation, Nonevil Thieves, Sly Cleverness, Suspicion, Trickery, WealthLuck, TrickeryNG, LN, N, CN, NETurnYesNoNoNoNoNoLongswordVergadainan

† Unavailable for divine worship on TDN. See the deities' specific entries for reasoning.
♀ Female Paladins Only

Halfling Pantheon
Yondalla's Children was the collective name for the halfling pantheon, which was led by the greater deity Yondalla. They reside on the plane of Green Fields. As suggested by the conflicting representations of the halfling gods in various communities across Faerun, the mentality of a typical halfling holds that the only really important things are those that happen close to home. The Small Folk are far more interested in worshiping an immediate and beneficent deity - one whose responsibilities are to them, and no one else - rather than an abstract power who is presumed to oversee the entire race. The remoteness of most human deities, for example, bewilders many halflings, as does the deference human worshipers show to their deities. Halflings are not irreligious; while they treat Yondalla and her brood with respect, they are far less in awe of their pantheon than is the norm between deity and follower for other races. While many halflings worship within this pantheon it is common enough to find halflings who do not. On TDN, at character creation, halflings may worship deities within the halfling pantheon or Tymora.

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsPriest AlignUndeadClericShamanPaladinMonkDruidRangerFavored WeaponAdjective
ArvoreenLGDefense, Duty, Halfling Warriors, Vigilance, WarGood, Protection, WarLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoYesShort SwordArvoreenan
BrandobarisNAdventuring, Halfling Rogues, Stealth, ThieveryLuck, Travel, TrickeryNG, CG, N, CN, NETurnYesNoNoNoNoNoDaggerBrandobarian
CyrrollaleeLGCrafts, Friendship, Hospitality, the Hearth, TrustGood, ProtectionLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoNoYesNoNoClubCyrrollaleen
Sheela PeryroylNAgriculture, Beauty, Dance, Nature, Romantic Love, Song, WeatherAir, PlantNG, LN, N, CN, NETurnYesYesNoNoYesYesSickleSheelite
UrogalanLNDeath, Earth, Protection of the DeadEarth, ProtectionLE, LN, LGTurnYesNoNoYesNoNoHeavy MaceUrogalanan
YondallaLGBounty, Children, Creation, Family, Halflings, Leadership, Protection, Security, Tradition, WisdomGood, ProtectionLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoYesShort SwordYondallan
Tymora or ShalamoraCGAdventurers, Good Fortune, Skill, VictoryGood, Luck, Protection, TravelCN, NG, CGTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoShurikenTymoran


Gnome Pantheon
The Forgotten Folk of the Realms worship a pantheon known collectively as the Lords of the Golden Hills. They are so named for the plane where most dwell. The powers included in the pantheon vary from gnome clan to clan, but they are venerated or at least acknowledged in most gnome settlements. Urdlen, the Crawler Below, dwells in the Abyss, but he has tunneled into Bytopia on more than one occasion only to be driven back each time. While Garl Glittergold is clearly acknowledged as the leader of the gnome pantheon, he has never banished any god from that pantheon, even Urdlen, despite relentless attacks by the Evil One against its fellow powers and the Forgotten Folk. In general, gnomes are not a tremendously devout folk, yet they have a rich oral tradition that shows the tales of gods blending with those of mortal heroes. The gods embody the sense of mischievous fun and enduring community that characterizes gnome society, coupled with a strong sense of wanderlust and desire for adventure that is less common among the Forgotten Folk. The relationship between the gods, the people, and the gems and ores with which they work is tightly intertwined. On TDN, at character creation, gnomes may choose patron deities of the gnome pantheon or Gond.

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsPriest AlignUndeadClericShamanPaladinMonkDruidRangerFavored WeaponAdjective
Baervan WildwandererNGTravel, Nature, Forest GnomesAnimal, Good, Plant, TravelLG, NG, CGTurnYesYesNoYesYesYesDaggerBaervanian
Baravar CloakshadowNGIllusions, Deception, Traps, WardsGood, Protection, TrickeryLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoDaggerBaravarian
Callarduran SmoothhandsNMining, Stone, the Svirfneblin, the UnderdarkEarth, ProtectionNG, LN, N, CN, NETurnYesNoNoNoNoNoBattleaxeCallardurian
Flandal SteelskinNGMetalworking, Mining, Physical Fitness, SmithingGood, StrengthLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoYesNoNoNoWarhammerFlandalian
Gaerdal IronhandLGVigilance, Combat, Martial DefenseGood, Protection, WarLG, NG, LNTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoWarhammerGaerdalian
Garl GlittergoldLGProtection, Humor, Trickery, Gem Cutting, GnomesGood, Protection, TrickeryLG, LN, NGTurnYesNoYesYesNoNoBattleaxeGarlian
Segojan EarthcallerNGEarth, Nature, the DeadEarth, GoodLG, NG, CGTurnYesNoNoYesYesYesHeavy MaceSegojian
UrdlenCEBloodlust, Evil, Greed, Hatred, Spriggans, Uncontrolled ImpulseEarth, EvilCN, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoYesGauntletUrdlenian
Gond or NebelunNArtifice, Construction, Craft, SmithworkEarth, Fire, KnowledgeAnyTurnYesNoNoNoNoNoWarhammerGondar


Orc Pantheon
Most extensive of all the goblinoid pantheons is that of the populous, fertile orc race. Their myth of pre-time, constantly retold by shamans around the campfire in the deepest dark of the night, is archetypal for most of the goblinoid races. These stories tell of how the pantheons of the elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and humans cheated the orcs from fair lands to call home. But ever-mighty Gruumsh, lifted his spear and tore rifts across the mountains, hills, and meadows, and declared the orcs would dwell there. There they would survive, multiply and grow stronger until the day they spread across the world and slayed the rest of the other pantheons' collected people. Then they shall inherit the world that was cheated from him. Thus the orcs had their homes, and the day shall come when orcs rule alone, and this is why they rage war: War for the righteous wrath of Gruumsh, war unceasing and endless. Everything is subjugated to this drive for territory through war, and the other orcish deities simply reflect various facets of this central drive. Half-orcs who are raised in orc tribes generally follow the tribe's religious customs, while half-orcs raised around humans lean towards the Faerûnian pantheon. On TDN, at character creation, half-orcs my choose patrons of both pantheons.

DeityAlignPortfolioDomainsPriest AlignUndeadClericShamanPaladinMonkDruidRangerFavored WeaponAdjective
BahgtruCEBrute Strength, Loyalty, StupidityEvil, StrengthCN, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoNoGauntletBahgtrum
GruumshCEConquest, Orcs, Strength, Survival, TerritoryEvil, Strength, WarCN, CE, NERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoNoSpearGruuman
IlnevalNECombat, Overwhelming Numbers, Strategy, WarDestruction, Evil, WarLE, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoYesLongswordIlnevallan
LuthicNECaves, Fertility, Healing, Home, Orc Females, Servitude, WisdomEarth, Evil, HealingLE, CE, NERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoNoGauntletLuthican
ShargaasCEDarkness, Night, Stealth, Thieves, the UnderdarkEvil, TrickeryCN, CE, NERebuke/CmndYesYesNoNoNoYesShort SwordShargaasan
YurtrusNEDeath, DiseaseDeath, Destruction, EvilLE, NE, CERebuke/CmndYesYesNoYesNoNoUnarmed StrikeYurtran


Nature Patrons
The two classes of nature, Druids and Rangers, are both expected to follow a deity of nature. While some druids and rangers may feel that they receive their spells from nature, they are divine casters who really receive their spells from the gods of nature. This also means that not fulfilling a deity's dogma or not following the codes of their class, may lead to a loss of spellcasting. Druids follow very close to the canon nature deity list, however, rangers are allowed a bit broader selection.

Warlock Patrons
Warlocks are arcane spellcasters who use pacts, from recent to generations-old, to allow them to channel powerful abilities of arcane might that would otherwise be closed to them. The most common beings to act as warlock patrons are devils, elder evils of the Far Realm, fey, or demons.

Patron Spirits
Shamans do not directly serve patron spirits but instead bargain with the spirits who serve the patrons. These spirits act as intermediaries between the shaman and the powerful patrons of the natural world including primal spirits, primordials, and archfey who are the sources of the divine magic.

Archfiends are the most powerful fiends, usually a demon lord or an archdevil, and typically rule over a layer of the Abyss or the Nine Hells. Some archfiends are worshiped by cults as gods, while others prefer to discreetly accrue power.