Persistent Placeables & Objects

Overview: The Dragon's Neck has two primary forms of Placeable/Object Persistence.
  • Permanent Objects - Primarily Placeables with adjustable appearances that can be placed in Player Homes, as well as Exterior Zones.
  • Temporary Objects - Primarily Items and Invisible Placeables; these last for 72 hours unless otherwise destroyed/picked up.
    • Invisible placeables are editable and their name/description can be edited & updated so that players may, within reason, leave a mark on the world. (i.e. leaving behind an Invisible Placeable to describe a scene, such as a description of a trail of footsteps that you expect someone to find within the next 72 hours.)
General Note: As always, our rules remain in place for all interactions in-game, this includes placeable and item names/descriptions. All use of this system is tracked via a database that links direct to user IDs and Accounts. Using obscene, discriminatory, sexual, or other types of language as names/descriptions is not acceptable and will be subject to removal and punitive action. Furthermore, using the system to OOCly inconvenience others will be met with a similar response. This system, similar to all others, is intended to drive Player engagement and autonomy. We ask that you do not take advantage of that freedom being provided, and keep TDN an excellent place to thrive.

Permanent Object System

Duration: Permanent unless removed by a DM or by the Owner.
How to Acquire: Specified Items will be sold that will list categories for players to search through for an appearance.

Temporary Object System

Duration: 72 Hours unless removed by a Player.
How to Acquire: Always available for players.

Description of Use
  • Flagging Items for Persistence:
    • Command: !tempitem
      • Using this command will flag all items dropped by the PC as persistent for 72 hours.
  • Placing an Invisible Placeable:
    • Command: !invisplc
      • Using this command will activate a mouse cursor where you may select where the Placeable should be placed. Afterward, players may use their Object Renamer, or Object Description Adjuster to change the Name & Description of the Placeable. (Both of which will be persistent alongside the placeable itself for 72 hours.)
    • This placeable is intended to be used to describe scenes, or make other temporary text-based notifications that others will be able to see/react to.
  • Placing a "Sit" Placeable:
    • Command: !sit
      • Using this command on an existing "sit" placeable will destroy said placeable.
      • Using this command on a valid location (on a tile), will create a placeable that can be used as a chair.