Relevel & Rebuilds

Remakes/Rebuilds Temporarily Suspended

As of June 4th, 2024, the team will not be entertaining relevel, remake or rebuild requests for the time being. This includes any of the options presented below. Once we have addresssed more pressing matters we will look at reopening or modifying this process.

Each player will be allotted a set amount of remakes/rebuilds for their characters. The only way to deviate from this process is to work with the DM team and apply for an exception. (Exceptions will be handled one-off, and will generally be handled in the 'grey area' that exists for these types of request.) The vast majority of character tweaks should take place inside the scope of our Process below:

Remake/Rebuild Restrictions

  • Regardless of the reasoning, players must abide by the following:
    • Class changes have limitations:
      • Spellcaster to non-spellcaster (and vice-versa) is not permitted. (Bard, Paladin, Hexblade, etc. are considered spellcasters).
      • Classes that have had four levels taken in them cannot be exchanged for levels in another class.
        • These classes must appear somewhere in the full level spread for the character.
      • Reallocation of levels is acceptable for multi-class or PRC Builds.
    • Complete change to their ability score spread.
      • Reallocation of up to two points is acceptable when rebuilding.
    • Race changes are not allowed.


All of the below would result in losing all extra experience gained after their current level. (For example, if a player is level 7 and has gained 3,000xp after reaching level 7, that 3,000xp would now be lost and the player would be returned to just enough experience to reach level 7.)

  • Players receive one free rebuild per character until level 8.
    • Levels 8 - 18, the player must follow the de-level process below, or apply for a rebuild.
  • Players may freely de-level themselves up to two levels back until level 16.
    • Abuse of this will result in the player losing all ability to de-level in the future.
    • Abuse would include using this ability to quickly reallocate skill points to advance past a dungeon challenge, or re-select a feat that would be advantageous for specific PvP.
    • This de-level process can only be done once-per-month.
      • An exception would be required to circumvent this limitation.
  • Players are responsible for properly explaining rebuild RP impacts to their companions. For example, if a player took a Barbarian level and could rage, and took back that level during the relevel process.
  • If the Development team makes changes to a class, at the Dev team's discretion, a rebuild will be allowed for impacted characters.

  • Applying for an Exception:
    Send the following completed form to Aschent_ via forum PM:

    Character Name:
    Player Login:
    Discord Name:
    How many levels to roll back:
    Reasons for character rebuild/relevel:
    What specific changes will be made to the character's build? Any changes not listed here in the application will be grounds to have the rebuild invalidated: