Spell Changes

Modified and New Spells

  • If a spell's description does not match in-game, this is considered a bug please report it.
  • For changes to the spells available to each class, check that class wiki page.
  • A divine class violating their deity's dogma can lose their ability to cast spells.
  • A druid violating their oath by wearing forbidden equipment can lose their ability to cast spells.
  • Caster level, for the purpose of spell scaling, is capped at level 11, even as a level 12+ spellcaster. This only impacts the scaling of spells, not the ability to learn higher level spells.
  • If a spell refers to class level, it means the number of levels the caster has in the class from which the spell was cast. Unlike caster level, this can exceed 11. Prestige classes which increase caster level as part of their progression count half their level (rounded down) in addition to a spellcaster's main class for the purpose of calculating class level. E.g. A 10th level wizard and 5th level Arcane Trickster would count as having a class level of 12 for the purpose of such spells.
  • Damaging cantrips may be cast infinitely and do not consume spell slots.
  • Spellcast Timers/Delays: Spell Circles above level 2 now have cooldowns:
    • Cantrip: No cooldown
    • Level 1: No cooldown
    • Level 2: No cooldown
    • Level 3: 3 minutes
    • Level 4: 6 minutes
    • Level 5: 9 minutes
    • Level 6: 12 minutes
    • Level 7: 20 minutes
    • Level 8: 30 minutes
    • Level 9: 40 minutes
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