Stance on Obscure Forgotten Realms Lore

References to Earth

Characters must be from Toril (this includes not being from other crystal spheres or other planets within Realmspace) and cannot reference Earth. Any elements referencing Earth must be unknown to characters and under no circumstances would lore provide any characters insight into Earth. For example "I met Elminster and he told me." or "I traveled there." or "I heard a story from someone." These are examples of disallowed RP. Do not reference Earth in any way.

This does not mean Earth does not exist within the multiverse - it only means any reference to it, acknowledgment of it, or consideration of it in any way is not allowed. It creates an anachronistic feeling that doesn't fit within the narrative we want.


The long past events of the Imaskari and the Mulhorandi Pantheon are not acceptable subjects to explain knowledge of Earth.

If you have questions about any of these topics or related ones, please message a DM.