Stealth System

Stealth and Perception [Currently Disabled]

Stealth on The Dragon's Neck works rather differently from how it operates normally in Neverwinter Nights.

How it works​

  • Perception in The Dragon's Neck is a bucket skill that gives a point of both Listen and Spot.
  • Stealth in The Dragon's Neck is a bucket skill that gives a point of both Hide and Move Silently.
  • When a character using Stealth (the sneak) goes into stealth mode, they must roll their Stealth skill, and those around them (the observers) roll their Perception once per round (6 seconds). This happens twice: once to determine if the sneak is seen (Spot versus Hide - visual), and once to determine if they are heard (Listen versus Move SIlently - audible).
  • Outside of a 6m radius around observers, Stealth works very similarly to vanilla NWN's Hide & Move Silently. For a detailed list of Stealth versus Perception modifiers, see below. There is, however, increased feedback from the client. There is a chat message visible to the sneak when they are detected and who they are detected by, and there is a visible Perception icon resembling an eye over each potential observer's head, also visible only by the sneak, indicating whether or not they currently are aware of their presence:
  • A closed eye indicates that the observer is not currently aware of the sneak's presence.
  • An open eye indicates that the observer is aware of the sneak's presence and they are at least partially visible to them.
  • A half-open eye is a third icon that rarely appears under the circumstances detailed below.
  • Within a 6m radius around observers - indicated by an orange circle around each observer - Perception rolls are drastically increased in frequency, particularly while standing in the observer's frontal arc. Within this circle, If an observer's Perception roll beats the sneak's Stealth roll, the sneak is not immediately revealed. Instead, the spotter is put on alert for 2 rounds. The sneak will see the observer's Perception icon change from a closed eye to a half-open one, indicating that the observer can subconsciously tell that something is amiss and is currently particularly vigilant of their surroundings. This enhanced state of awareness will continue for as long as the sneak stays within the circle, or until the sneak is successfully revealed. This circle is not obstructed by walls and other terrain.
  • Should the sneak leave the circle, the observer's Perception checks will return to their normal frequency, but they will stay on alert until the 2 rounds have passed, meaning that if the sneak enters the circle again within that time, they will once again be subject to the observer's enhanced state of awareness. While outside of the circle, the sneak may be spotted as per the normal Perception versus Stealth rules.
  • Should the sneak remain within the circle after alerting the observer for 1 round (6 seconds), they are automatically detected, even if all subsequent Perception checks against them were failed!
  • If an observer's Perception rank is 10 more than the sneak's Stealth rank, then the sneak is detected immediately.
  • A sneak who is revealed through a visual Perception roll is entirely revealed. Revealing a sneak in this manner always requires line of sight to them.
  • A sneak who is revealed through an audible Perception roll is partially revealed and will appear translucent to indicate this. Until they are fully revealed, the actions the observer may take against them will be limited. Revealing a sneak in this manner - and Listen checks in general - are limited to a 6m flat distance from the target. Revealing a sneak in this manner does not require line of sight to them. A sneak who is revealed in this manner may attempt to use Stealth again to hide themselves but, particularly if they are already within the circle, they may find themselves almost immediately revealed once more.

Stealth and Perception modifiers​

Neverwinter Nights will give characters various bonuses and penalties to their rolls depending on their situation and environment.

All Perception rolls​

  • If the observer is in combat, they gain -10 to their Perception rolls.
  • If the observer is standing still, they gain +5 to their Perception rolls.
  • If the sneak is standing still, they gain +5 to their Stealth rolls.

Visual Perception rolls​

  • If the sneak is in the back arc of the observer, they gain +5 to their Hide rolls.
  • If it is nighttime, then the sneak gains +5 to their Hide rolls, unless they have a light source on them.
  • If it is nighttime and the sneak has a light source on them, they gain -10 to their Hide rolls.

Audible Perception rolls​

  • The sneak gains an additional +1 to their Move Silently roll for every 3m between them and the observer.
  • The sneak gains +5 to Move Silently for every 40cm of object (including creatures) between them and the observer in outdoor areas.
  • The sneak gains +2 to their roll if the line of sight is blocked and they are within 4 tiles in indoor areas.