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Server and Character Unions

Server Factions


Server Factions on TDN are In-Character interest groups meant to help align players with the active elements of the setting. Joining a Server Faction is entirely optional. These factions are created by the Development Team and exist to help give an idea of who the major players are that many stories will revolve around, as well as allow players the chance to be involved in events that could very reasonably concern their character. Server Factions have extensive mechanical systems, automatic ranks, faction gear, faction headquarters, NPC leadership, and DM support. These factions are different than Player Factions.

While the TDN team has aimed to make sure the Server Faction list provided enough diversity, Factions will not be able to capture every character. In all cases, Factions are niche orders that exist specifically to help players find a place, and help DMs guide stories for their characters. These groups may be at times allies, and at other times enemies, with plenty of ways to share stories and leave their mark on the world.

Faction List
  • Swords of Darromar
    • A guild of mercenaries friendly to Tethyr's Crown and its nobles. Members range greatly in class and ability.
  • Muranni Alchemists' Guild
    • A native guild of mages, herbalists, alchemists, and more.
  • Servants of Greywell
    • An underworld guild of secretive operations.
  • Starspire Accord
    • A generally orderly and good military accord of many member orders.
  • The Conclave
    • A union of nature's creeds, comprised of various nature sworn individuals and established druidic circles.
  • Firedrake Lodge
    • A fellowship of helpful and energetic adventurers.

  1. The first rule regarding Factions is to help others within them have fun and enjoy the slice of the setting they've chosen to be a part of, whether or not you're playing alongside or against other groups. Factions never should be simple excuses for PvP and conflict, but rather as a means to create stories that can then lead to conflict or resolution.​
  2. Players can only maintain ONE character in a faction at a time. (One Per Account). This is to stem potential metagaming especially when factions may be at odds with one another, as well as to preserve the novelty of each faction, incentivizing closure of characters in order to explore the rest. In addition, an individual PC is able to leave factions only twice, meaning after the second time your PC will forever be barred from joining another faction, the IC reasoning of which is up to the player to figure out, unless a DM steps in to do so. Former association with some factions will also prevent you from joining an opposing faction in the case of rival factions.​
  3. Characters must adhere to each Faction's Code of Conduct.​
    1. Failure to follow Faction law could result in removal from faction, demotion, banishment, or even being marked as a Kill on Sight target for other faction members depending on the faction and severity of the infraction.​
  4. DM PCs are not allowed to join any faction.​


Characters who join a Faction will be subject to certain prerequisite requirements prior to joining.

Each Faction will feature various ranks that are attainable without DM involvement and some that require DM involvement:
  • Rank 1
  • Rank 2
  • Rank 3
    • Rank 3a
    • Rank 3b
    • Rank 3c
  • Rank 4
    • Rank 4a
    • Rank 4b
  • Rank 5
  • Rank 6 [DM-Granted]
  • Rank 7 [DM-Granted]
  • Rank 8 [DM-Granted]
Ranks that are "DM-Granted" are set that way to ensure that the ranks do not become over-inflated, and to ensure that those who hold the ranks follow the faction expectations very closely, as these ranks can afford some level of say-so in faction direction.

Number one leadership ranks within a faction are reserved for NPCs and/or Retired PCs.

General Information:
  • No character can claim prior history in a Faction (paladin orders attached to the Starspire Accord are the only exceptions, but even in these cases players must be new within the faction). Every character starts at the lowest level in any faction and can work their way up with consistency and good RP.​
  • Factions will be led by NPCs, but players can rise very highly in some Factions. This may vary Faction to Faction.​
  • Every Faction will have a DM permanently assigned to its oversight to ensure that no Faction goes without support, even if it contains only one player or no players at all.​
  • In the case of low Faction attendance, the Faction DMs will work to append members to other groups.​
  • Factions will come with In-Game perks such as Public or Secret Faction Bases, unique merchants selling unique gear, and access to a great many other things, depending on the Faction.​
  • Factions will be privy to their own Forums for the distribution of news and communication.​
  • Players may absolutely make their own groups, and the presence of these Factions listed here does not preclude ones started with player initiative. However, these setting-based Factions will have DM support and backing in terms of areas and NPCs out of the gate, while we cannot promise similar support to player-started Factions concurrently, if only because of the logistical challenges of it. DMs will still aid player-started Factions as well as they are able.​
  • Although DM support will be available for the below factions, DMs are still expected to evenly spread their attention to non-Faction efforts/events.​

Player Groups
Player Groups are unions of a small number of characters. They receive only minimal benefits.

Player Guilds
Player Guilds are groups of characters who want something more in-depth than a group. Guilds require more members and a guild request submission detailing their general purpose and goals.

Player Factions
Player Factions are guilds that have found enough members to warrant the step up to become a faction. This is based solely on the discretion of the staff, and it requires a faction submission request which asks how the group plans to keep their faction populated, maintained, and membership focused on the faction's purpose and goals.