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1368 DR

Year of the Banner

  • The Winter of Teeth
  • A large band of orcs and goblins led by trolls come out of the Troll Mountains and begin attacking Eshpurta. The might of Amn’s military (3,000 trainees; 14,000 troops & officers; and 1,400 Shield Militia) easily protects the city.
  • The Axe and Star Bridges are both sabotaged by hill giants and ogres coming down from The Ridge.
  • Finally, the bulk of the Winter Horde pours forth from The Small Teeth and begins its northern march on Amn. The horde is composed of 30,000 kobolds, 12,000 goblins, 10,000 hobgoblins, 24 hill giants, 4,800 ogres, and a large contingent of Cyricist priests and warriors from the Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse.
  • Riders arrive in Keczulla and Eshpurta to announce the attacks on the bridges though neither know why or what is happening on the other side of the bridges. Riders are dispatched to discover what they can.
  • Harpers arrive in Trademeet and Murann to tell each’s leadership about the attacks in Amn. Amn’s official navy waits in Murann - the uncertain navy admirals await orders from the Council.
  • Pirate activity is down along the Dragon’s Neck Peninsula.
  • On the last day of Hammer, Imnescar is overwhelmed and destroyed while refugees flee everywhere but south. Hydcont Hall is all that remains with nearly half the town’s citizens inside.
  • Riders arrive in Athkatla announcing to the Council the coming horde. Without the Cowled Wizards’ full magic power they fearfully bicker about how much to spend on defense and where. A few days later word arrives of the destroyed bridges and the Council correctly guesses a coordinated attack. They begin preparations to recruit mercenaries and defend the city as well as sending word to Murann for the navy. The navy admirals never receive word.
  • Small arguments and brawls begin to occur in Athkatla as rumors spread about the size of the horde, whether the city will hold, and if people should start leaving.
  • Any attempts to reach the Axe and Star Bridge are met with monster resistance in the area as the bridges are finally fully destroyed. This effectively cuts off the Amnian army in Eshpurta from getting to Keczulla and central Amn. The army is still unaware of the horde in the west as they battle the monsters assaulting the city.
  • The Iron Fleet, including pirate captains Kuurgan of the Sea Reavers and Bahija the Fair, working with the Winter Horde army, use their fleets to blockade Athkatla. Attempts to get word to Murann by sea fail. The ships sit well off the coast and are able to keep all but the smallest and fastest ships from getting through.
  • The Mithral Crash occurs in Trademeet and Murann. Disrupted northern trade in Trademeet and pirate ships outside Tarseth Bay means a vast number of merchants with nowhere to go. Merchants stuck in the cities make merchandise, especially perishable foods, overabundant and the price of goods crash. Food becomes a fraction of what it normally is and the poor are able to easily find food and clothing. For months merchants keep arriving, unaware of the struggles, and to the loss of many mercantile families, the lower-class have never fared so well.
  • Rumors of the blockade spark panic through Athkatla as shipments through the docks and down the rivers are halted. Bandits use the stoppage to increase thefts and merchants use death to stop them. This only escalates as the days move forward until deadly encounters are common through western Amn.
  • Hydcont Hall is finally breached. Only those who defect to join the horde survive.
  • Hillfort Ishla is destroyed by the combined horde of the Skullgnasher giants (21 hill giants) and Spearbiter goblins (12,000 goblins) as they head east. Many soldiers defect to save their lives including the fort commander, Captain Amlos Xomnag.
  • The Battlescarred Bard is destroyed as the Winter Horde slowly moves north across the floodplain.
  • Zinner is quickly destroyed as the Skullgnasher-Spearbiter horde moves on towards Hillfort Torbold.
  • The Amnian navy admirals in Murann agree to leave port to support Athkatla but change their minds at the last moment.
  • Harpers discreetly arrive in Tethyr. They speak to the Knight’s Kuldar and elven Elmanesse tribe about the activities in Amn. Outside of this, so far, the war in Amn goes nearly unnoticed by the bickering and warring nobles of Tethyr.
  • A lone rider, having escaped from Hillfort Isla, staggers into Eshpurta and informs General Craumerdaun of the large band of giants and goblins on the South Road. General Craumerdaun orders Major Olehm to stay in Eshpurta while he moves south to confront the Skullnasher-Spearbiter horde (3,000 troops).
  • The Winter Horde army reaches Purskul, quickly capturing and killing people still struggling to flee. Due to advanced notice out of Imnescar, the city is well defended. The city is only besieged for a few days before the bulk of the army pushes north. A quarter of the army stays to battle Purskul under the lead of a female ogre mage named Cyrvisnea. The rest of the forces, under the command of a male ogre mage, Sythillis, march on Athkatla.
  • Word of the Horde skipping Purskul and marching north sooner than expected spreads mass panic through the city. Riots erupt as the poor reach for anything they can before fleeing the city and the rich try to defend themselves by any means necessary. Nobles and merchants across the city are murdered, their manors and businesses looted and burned. One cannot walk through the streets without creating bloody footprints and the smell of death permeates everywhere.
  • The Council of Six falls into disarray as they finally recognize the looming disaster and their failing city. Guards and Cowled Wizards are focused on containing the chaos or dying themselves. Finally, the Council, along with the few Cowled Wizards remaining, all the major families, their guards, and the hired mercenaries flee Athkatla. Captain Beelars Orhotek and three-quarters (3,000 troops) of the city’s garrison leave along with them.
  • Without drawing attention to themselves, a group of Knights Kuldar make their way to Trademeet to both help provide a buffer in case they’re needed and to be closer to information. The Elmanesse, along with support from druids at Mosstone, fortify defensive positions throughout the northern woods around Trademeet and Brost.
  • The Skullgnasher-Spearbiter horde attacks Hillfort Torbold. In two days the fort is occupied by the monsters and they bunker in, bolstered by weapons they found. The band keeps all information from traveling east along the south road.
  • Unusually heavy rains, out of season, greatly slow General Craumerdaun and his troops on the already slow and unmaintained South Road. The rains continue for five days; some Talos worshipers see visions of widespread destruction and rejoice.
  • Riders arrive in Eshpurta with vague news of growing monster attacks in the west.
  • Left already nearly in ruins by its own citizens, Athkatla is abandoned as people seize the last bits of what they can and kill each other for their wagons and caravans. Blood soaks the River Road; it drips from wagons and seeps from the bodies littered along it. Most flee to Crimmor as the Winter Horde approaches.
  • The pirates continue to capture ships, goods, and people leaving Athkatla. Not all are so unfortunate though and whether they claim it was Tymora’s smile, Valkur’s grace, or even Umberlee’s mercy a small number are able to slip past the blockade and escape with their lives.
  • The rest of the army in Eshpurta finally force the Troll Mountain band back into the mountains. Within two days Major Olehm and the rest of the army (20,000 troops) are marching south to catch up to General Craumerdaun.
  • By the time the Horde reaches Athkatla, nearly all of the 1,000 troops left for defense have looted all they can and deserted the city themselves. Nobody left is safe from being killed for what they own and anarchy reigns supreme over the game of ‘the strongest survive’.
  • The Winter Horde arrives at Amn’s already ruined capital and begins to settle in for the siege. For many days before the siege begins the horde launches small attack-and-retreat tactics over and over to test defenses. Expecting a trap, they take their time despite there being little to no resistance.
  • General Craumerdaun reaches Hillfort Torbold and engages the Skullnasher-Spearbiter horde. Led by the tactics of Captain Amlos Xomnag, the monster band holds out and the general resigns to hold off further attacks at Hillfort Ishla as he waits for the rest of the army to arrive.
  • The band of Winter Horde besieging Purskul leaves to join the rest in Athkatla. Purskul suffers its share of destruction and death but is left standing. Repairs begin immediately.
  • Now whole again, the Winter Horde begins sieging Athkatla. Recognizing the city isn’t hiding a dangerous secret, the horde simply marches in unopposed.
  • Crimmor waits, but the rest of the month the horde spends searching and collecting all they can through Athkatla. Trapped ships are also looted.
  • Major Olehm and the rest of the army arrive at Hillfort Torbold. The combined might of the Amnian army easily overruns the monsters’ defenses and they’re forced to retreat to Zinner.
  • Major Olehm is ordered to continue (with 5,000 troops) after the Skullnasher-Spearbiter horde and clear the South Road while General Craumerdaun takes the rest (17,500) and moves south to the Tethir Road to march west.
  • Riders are sent to Trailstone and Riatavin to secure more men but both refuse to send aid.
  • Major Olehm attacks the Skullnasher-Spearbiter horde in ruined Zinner. Captain Amlos Xomnag and the clan-leader of the Skullgnashers are killed and the horde scatters into the craggy hills. Two days later the major continues his march west towards Hillfort Ishla. He fends off small attacks along the way making his pace much slower than hoped for.
  • General Craumerdaun sees no resistance and quickly makes it to Brost where they implore the small town for food and supplies in agreement for future favors. Despite any legal ramifications, Mayor Ieval Boralail agrees. The army rests for a day before moving on west having recruited any local mercenaries.
  • The town-size temple complex of Goldspires and its clergy are spared destruction by the Winter Horde in exchange for their guarantee of blessing the new kingdom’s trade. Horde loyalists are placed within the temple to assure compliance.
  • The Iron Fleet meets again with the Ogre Magi where they finalize their deal. Each party takes their share of the ships and captured goods and goes their own way.
  • Through spring and summer, ogres and goblins from the Kudin Peaks and Forest of Tethir press many trainees of the Star Protective Services to their limits, though the monsters are held off well and far less damage is reported than normal.
  • Survale Ford is attacked by mercenaries and bandits under the leadership of a powerful half-ogre, Grodenfall. The city cannot repel them and is taken with the intent of making it the capital of Tethyr with Grodenfall as King.
  • Major Olehm reaches the first thorp with information regarding the rest of Amn. Shocked, he orders his troops on a forced march to Gambiton.
  • General Craumerdaun’s army reaches Trademeet. Expecting the town to be ruined, he’s surprised it isn’t. He learns very little information has come south, and, strangely, nearly no monsters have been seen either. He leaves the bulk of the army in the city and departs with a small party towards Murann.
  • The Winter Horde finally regroups and under the command of the Ogre Mage Cyrvisnea begins a push towards Crimmor. Sythillis remains in Athkatla, claiming the title King of Sythillisia.
  • Major Olehm reaches Gambiton and is able to resupply and find proper rest as he learns all he can of what's happening in Western Amn.
  • General Craumerdaun reaches Murann where he similarly learns all he can of the destruction to the north. For his own reasons, Harbor King Degos Angerdboar has kept most of what he knows to himself, only revealing that vague destruction has been occurring. The General inquiries with the navy admirals why they haven’t left. They claim they are unprepared to battle the pirate fleet which consists of far larger ships. Over two days, General Craumerdaun recruits 1,000 native Muranni, and 2,000 refugees for the army, then returns to Trademeet.
  • Survale Ford holds off attacks from the Champions Vigilant and Knights Kuldar. The two orders look for reinforcements.
  • The Muranni Alchemists’ Guild begins acting more freely in practicing magic. They quiet any concerns with the assurance of aiding the city against any assaults. With magic returning slowly to many of its members, the guild possesses a relatively significant magical presence compared to nearly any other organization in the region.
  • Crimmor, bolstered by mercenaries (10,000 men) and various cities’ armed forces (about 6,000 troops and militia) are very well prepared for an attack and await the incoming forces of the Sythillisian Army as they begin to arrive. The monster-army does not immediately attack and instead settles in for a long siege.
  • Major Olehm leads his troops north across the King’s Arch Bridge to Esmeltaran where he restocks weapons and collects mercenaries. Then, instead of following major roads, he cuts across the open, central lands of Amn using small trails and paths as he marches toward Amnwater.
  • General Craumerdaun leads his troops north from Trademeet and begins clashing with monsters and Cyricists in the Trade Road Pass.
  • A Cowled Wizard begins threatening the Alchemists' Guild for use of magic and for many days the tension between the Wizard and the Guild grows. After a while, the Wizard is found dead and whispers point to the Alchemists - though they claim no responsibility.
  • Saradush’s leader, Count of Surkazar, Oon Santele, is kidnapped and held for ransom.
  • The Sythillisian Army begins sieging Crimmor. Though the city walls hold firm, objects launched over the walls destroy buildings and easily kill people hiding in the now over-crowded town.
  • Zaranda Star and her Star Protective Services, along with a host of knightly orders and mercenary companies begin attacks against Survale Ford’s “King” Grodenfall. Five days later the city is freed from the grasp of the half-ogre and his men.
  • Major Olehm and his army arrive in Amnwater where they rest a day and recover before marching down The Lake Way towards Crimmor.
  • General Craumerdaun breaks through the Trade Way Pass and passes through the ruins of Imnescar. The total devastation of what they are chasing is finally revealed and it’s crushing to morale. Captain Hdalas, and those under his command (250 men) refuse to continue arguing that the horde they face must be unstoppable. In a violent skirmish, they defect and flee back to the south. General Craumerdaun continues north, battling remnants of the horde as they march towards Purskul.
  • Zaranda and her army arrive outside Saradush. Within days they begin besieging the city to rescue Lord Oon Santele.
  • Major Olehm’s army (still about 5,000 strong) arrives at Crimmor. They begin cutting off supply lines to the Sythillisian Army and the horde is forced to battle on numerous fronts.
  • Captain Hdalas returns to Trademeet insisting he’s been sent to hold the city from pursuing monsters though few monsters have given chase.
  • General Craumerdaun and his army arrive in Purskul where he’s able to receive a full briefing of what’s been occurring. Surprise overcomes him at the news of Athkatla, but determination replaces it as he learns of Crimmor. The army rests, restocks arms, and, after a day, begins marching north to Crimmor.
  • The general finally arrives at Crimmor with the bulk of the Amnian army (now about 20,000 troops). They immediately begin what will be known as the Clash of Crimson Crimmor. Thousands of monsters and soldiers die over the rest of the month as the general’s army battles through the Sythillisian Horde from the outside in and the horde is forced to repel the outside attackers and not on the siege. Crimmor uses this distraction to repair damage to the walls though resources and food in the city are becoming scarce.
  • What’s left of General Craumerdaun’s army is able to secure the outside of the south gate and reach the safety of the city. They now provide a way for supplies to reach the city from the south. Major Olehm and his army remain outside to continue sabotaging horde supply lines while providing their own supply line from the direction of Amnwater.
  • Though much weakened, the Crimmor siege continues through the rest of the month.
  • The Siege of Saradush is successful and Lord Santele is freed. Oon Santele, the much-loved ruler of Saradush, and his people, all whole-heartedly back Zaranda. Zaranda and her company are accepted into the Order of the Silver Chalice.
  • Zaranda and her army leave Saradush heading south through Thenas Huddarm’s land (He took the title of Lord-Protector of Mir during the Interregnum). When Zaranda and her “Loyalist Army” (as it called itself) decides to rest for a ten-day, the “Lord-Protector '' plots to kill Zaranda and her officers and advisors. Thenas intends to absorb her encamped army to rise on and conquer the rest of Tethyr. Though he successfully drugs the army’s official leaders at a banquet, he is kept from killing anyone by the timely intervention of the ever-watchful Vander Stillhawk.
  • To the panic of Crimmor, The Sythillisian Horde is reinforced from Athkatla. While the small addition doesn’t prove to be enough to retake the south or east gates, it bolsters the horde enough to continue the siege for another month.
  • Zaranda arrives in Myratma to discover Prince Yusuf Jhannivvar (The Pretender) staking a claim to Tethyr’s throne. When Yusuf attacks Zaranda’s Loyalists the brutal First Siege of Myratma begins. It lasts a month.
  • The siege of Crimmor finally comes to an end. The Amnian Army is able to push back and scatter the forces of the Sythillisian Army. About half the horde, along with Ogre Mage Cyrvisnea, return to Athkatla. The other half disperses into the lands to become roaming bands of raiders. Some return to attacking Purskul though the city holds firm. Travel between cities becomes very dangerous through all of western Amn (west of the Trade Road).
  • Ogre Mage Sythillis, King of Sythillisia, rules the surrounding land from the ruined metropolis. Monsters from all over begin emigrating to the city. Trade opens between Sythillisia and the Iron Fleet.
  • Crimmor begins repairs, however, the Council of Six chooses to move to Esmeltaran where the city will once again act as Amn’s new capital. Major families jump at the chance for favors as they ‘donate’ buildings and resources to the Council’s move into the expensive city.
  • Attacks against Sythillisia are prohibited for now as all fear another siege - enough trade has been disrupted already.
  • Zazesspur Council secretly breaks faith with Zaranda a tenday after the First Siege on Myratma begins. Some of the members work directly with the traitorous Jhannivvar Pretender, and others work within Zazesspur and Tethyr to cement as much power for themselves as they can. Of the Council members, only Lord Hhune remains loyal to Zaranda, for reasons of his own.
  • Communication between Murann and the Council is still extremely difficult. Monsters constantly disrupt travel and the Trade Road Pass is once again nearly impassable due to monsters and the Cyricists. The Council’s greatest struggle is to reestablish port space and dockage to replace what was lost in Athkatla. Thankfully River Esmel’s trade has not been disrupted much. Second to that is locating the Tessarch or deciding to replace him.
  • The navy admirals in Murann begin serving Harbor King Degos and Degos invites ex-Captain Hdalas and his men from Trademeet into the Harbor Guard. Ex-Captain Hdalas accepts though some of his men do not. Fearing a trap, those men move into the surrounding hills. Secretly, the Greywell in Murann are intercepting any messages they can from Amn.
  • On the last day of Eleint, Zaranda’s battle-plan is not followed and the flanks of her army break allowing forces to land upriver behind them. The Loyalists are surrounded and forced closer to the city walls where mages drop into the army’s midst. In the slaughter and confusion, Zaranda and other leaders are taken prisoner by Prince Jhannivvar. Two-thirds of the Loyalist army and all but four of the remaining commanders die on the fields about Myratma, later renamed the Red River Fields. The survivors regroup at Saharkhan. Duke Hembreon is the only commander not of the Order of the Silver Chalice to survive and avoid capture at the First Siege at Myratma.
  • (Highharvestide) Price Haedrak is announced at a noble holiday gala in Waterdeep as the true last son of House Tethyr. For the next four tendays, Prince Haedrak confers with the Lords and would-be allies, consolidating an army that will, as he claims, “allow us to support the peoples’ desire for just rulership and peace”.
  • The Champions Vigilant, Knights Kuldar, Order of Silver Chalice, and Chapter of the Nine Peers meet in Chevangard to begin discussing the potential of focusing their attention into Amn. This potential order quickly gains support from many Zaranda-supporting rulers through Tethyr.
  • Crimmor finally emerges from its walls to help drive off the remaining monsters around Purskul. The Trade Way between Crimmor and Purskul (also known as the Orc Road) is now heavily patrolled and becomes a reliable road to travel. The Trade Road south of River Esmel remains very dangerous.
  • Reconstruction of the Star and Axe Bridges begin.
  • The third tenday of Marpenoth, the combined cavalry forces (over 200) of Prince Haedrak leave Waterdeep to march south by land.
  • News of Goldspires being spared spreads north of the Small Teeth. It triggers great debates about whether the goddess favors Amn or not. Popularity of her faith begins its decline as many desperate to regain their wealth look to Mask instead. Murann and Trademeet do not see any of this religious debate or shift.
  • The Tessarch returns to Amn.
  • By early Uktar, Haedrak and a fleet of ships leave Waterdeep to much fanfare and turn sail south towards Zazesspur.
  • The Champions Vigilant, Knights Kuldar, Order of Silver Chalice, and Chapter of the Nine Peers agree to create a new order. Each founding order pledges 20 members and a commander to form the Starspire Accord. The Accord will provide a cohesive faction and set of ideals to push north with.
  • With Amn in chaos, the Firedrake Lodge requests aid from the Starspire Accord to discreetly go after slaving rings south of the Small Teeth. The Lodge and Accord heavily patrol the Tethir Road and the hills north of it for the rest of the year.
  • Prince Haedrak’s cavalry troops enter Amn and move south to Crimmor where they spend a day resting and listening to the tales of the war. The unit attracts a lot of attention and scores of mercenaries decide to march with the cavalry south nearly doubling their numbers. The next day, the large group passes through Purskul and then crosses the Esmel. The well-armed troops clear the Trade Road as they go with a wake of travelers and caravans behind them hoping to follow them through the pass. The combined cavalry-mercenary unit meets resistance in the Trade Road Pass but pushes through and the thousands of travelers behind them thankfully spill into the Muranni region. Within a few days, the pass is again too dangerous to travel.
  • When Prince Haedrak's unit leaves Trademeet for Tethyr, he is again followed by thousands of travelers hoping to escape the Muranni region in hopes that Tethyr's problems are coming to an end.
  • The brief clearing of the pass sparks Harbor King Degos to send a representative to Esmeltaran to discuss how to keep the pass open for trade.
  • Ahead of schedule, Haedrak arrives in Zazzesspur the third tenday of Uktar. He finds mercenaries and commonfolk of the Low City joined with Tyr worshipers from Fortress Faithful attacking the High City and the forces of the rogue Council - as the Council betrayed its peoples’ wishes. For a tenday, Haedrak’s army aids in restoring the city’s loyalty to the people and Zaranda. It is here Haedrak announces he too supports their choice of Zaranda Star, and that he has every intention of both reuniting the Loyalist Reclamation Army to break the entrenched forces at Myratma and rescuing Zaranda from the Pretender’s clutches.
  • Lady Corinna Dezlentyr and her captains and crews sail south to establish a naval blockade on the coast, preventing supplies and support of Myratma by water. Within a day or so, Prince Haedrak’s cavalry troops (still with dozens of mercenaries) arrive from their northern trek, and the bulk of the Reclamation Army moves on to reconnoiter at Saharkhan with the remnants of Zaranda’s Loyalists.
  • An outpost is built in the ruins of Imnescar where Amnian Captain Beelars Orhotek commands patrols from Purskul to Trademeet. The Trade Way through Amn is now fully patrolled for the first time in 11 months. Countless caravans, wagons and travelers who had been waiting in Nashkel and Trademeet are able to pass through Amn.
  • (Feast of the Moon) With the Reclamation Army split in two and the Loyalists as the third force, the Second Siege of Myratma begins. Only Zaranda is left alive in the dungeons of Jhannivvar Palace of the nobles who had been captured in the first siege - all others having been sacrificed to the temperamental whims of Yusuf Jhannivvar. Yusuf is uneasy, as they had magically eavesdropped on the commanders of the First Siege, but something now kept them from locating the army commanders.
  • Sythillisia begins trading with monster tribes in the Cloud Peaks and becomes a trade hub between the tribes and the pirates.
  • Star and Axe Bridges are fully rebuilt.
  • On the twelfth day of the siege, Zaranda is taken deep below the city into tunnels bordering the Underdark.
  • Four days after Zaranda is removed from Myratma, Prince Haedrak puts his plans into motion. While leaving the armies in place and under orders not to react unless engaged, he tells Vajra, Onyx, Perendra Raslemtar, and Ondul Jarduth to enter the slave pens of Myratma where they can release the slaves and begin the chaos that can break the siege. Prince Hardrak and Timoth Eyesbright then track Zaranda into the tunnels under Myratma. Haedrak, after locating an unconscious Zaranda, aiding her and then battling with her against monsters, locates Timoth and escapes the back out of the tunnels.
  • The last ride of the year brings the Reclamation and Loyalist armies to a whole and the long war continues.
  • A gang identifying itself as the 'White Hearts' rises to notoriety in Southern Amn. While no one knows who their leader is, the gang becomes known for its extortion rackets - particularly outside of Murann, around settlements and farmsteads that are less defended or monitored by guards. To their (perhaps only) credit, they also become known to fight the monstrous hordes of the north and the Iron Fleet that raid the Western shores for those who pay them money.
  • (End of the year) Velsharoon ascends to godhood with the sponsorship of the deity Talos.

1369 DR

Year of the Gauntlet
  • Iyachtu Xvim frees himself from under Zhentil Keep and grows to a lesser deity.
  • A small inn is completed near the guard outpost in Imnescar.
  • Myratma begins to weaken due to fouled water and a supply blockade.
  • Notes of unrest file in from Darromar, Saradush and Ithal Pass, and Zaranda wishes to end the whole matter decisively and swiftly.
  • On the final day of the second tenday in Hammer, magic aids the siege and the barbican gate is blasted open allowing troops to enter. After hours of fighting, the Pretender, Prince Yusuf is caught attempting to flee in the disguise of a slave. After escaping capture, Yusuf is driven up onto the city walls where a brief clash with Llachior Blackthorn costs him his eye but he takes two fingers of the warrior merchant. Prince Haedrak and Prince Yusuf finally face each other on the partially shattered west wall of the city, where Yusuf is slain seeing that the war for Tethyr is finally at an end.
  • All but three of the founders of Order of the Silver Chalice perish in the siege at Myratma.
  • Nearly half the Swords of Reclamation fall in the siege leaving their numbers around 35 total. Lionar Trosbann is injured but begins recovery in Darromar under royal watch.
  • The first discrete talks of secession occur in Riatavin.
  • The royal marriage (one of three marriage ceremonies of different faiths) between Zaranda Star and Haedrak Rhindaun takes place on the first day of the third tenday of Alturiak. The site of the wedding is the Convent of St. Rhynda, an Ilmateri convent and chapter house that overlooks the ruins of the first royal castle of Tethyr, Ithalyr and is to an outpouring of gifts and support. One gift in particular is from Lord Hhune of Zazesspur to Zaranda: a tiara set with a score of pale purple amethysts. While he tells her none of its history, he simply gives it to her as her bridal tiara and says it is an ancient Tethyrian tradition to have one special crown for this day. Later, a surprised Prince Haedrak tells her that her bridal crown is actually the 200-year-old bridal crown of his great-grandmother Queen Lhayronna, wife of King Alemander III. Additionally, Alustriel and Haedrak bring in flagstones from Syluné’s cottage in Shadowdale and have them mounted in the castle floor. Because she can manifest herself only within 90 feet of the stones of her home, Syluné is thus able to appear anywhere in Faerntarn.
  • The Spulzeer family of Trailstone gives Castle Spulzeer to Queen Zaranda as a wedding gift.
  • Monstrous humanoids begin migrating north out of the Wealdath into the Small Teeth. Elmanesse elves move in and wipe out stragglers. Many of the empty ruins left behind are cleansed by the elves and druids, however whether they are or not, many become havens for less humanoid monsters and remnants of those hiding from the new Queen.
  • The royal palace of Faerntarn is restored in record time amid much celebration in Darromar and serves as the scene of the coronations of King Haedrak III and Queen and Monarch Zaranda Rhindaun. Both are blessed by Siamorphe and the goddess leaves both thrones with the holy mark of Siamorphe carved deep into the back of the throne, the carvings seemingly filled with gold.
  • The queen holds her first official court:
    • The new nobility is decreed to the people and all swear fealty to Monarch Zaranda.
    • The first edict is a controversial, but necessary one. Zaranda’s edict is called the “Pirates’ Pardon,” and it provides formal pardon for human pirates both incarcerated and still at sea, with the condition that they accept a letter of marque from Tethyr and lend their ships and crews to the defense of the coast.
    • The second is to form the Loyal Order of Innocents, a paladin order. The order joins the Starspire Accord before the end of the year - once they have the 20 members to commit.
  • King Haedrak, the Lord Just Chancellor, and the High Justicars hold the formal Nobles’ Court for the Interregnum Tribunal within the sequestered grounds of the Archdruid of Mosstone’s grove and seminary. Of the 17 noble prisoners collected during the months of the Reclamation War, all are tried to determine the exact actions and crimes that were committed against Tethyr. All the properties, goods, and former lands of many of the accused were confiscated and redistributed by the Crown during Harvestcourt for the creation of Tethyr’s new nobility.
  • The coronation of the new monarchy sees another surge of Murrani leaving to come to Tethyr.
  • As Ches comes to an end, a large majority of human pirate crews have accepted their unexpected pardon, all knowing that the alternative is to be caught one at a time by Balura Ironprow’s monstrous armada.
  • Lionar Trosbann recovers enough to leave the infirmary. He renames the Swords of Reclamation to the Swords of Darromar in honor of the new capital's name. The Swords, though mercenaries, act for the Queen’s benefit.
  • Through Tethyr and south Amn, the churches of Umberlee and Valkur enter an uneasy truce as they both turn their attention towards opposing the Nelanther pirate armada. Umberlee’s faith uses this peace to spread a more favorable view of their normally hated and feared deity.
  • New magistrates and sheriffs are established across Tethyr.
  • The Monstrous humanoids from the Wealdath begin reaching Amn. Some begin roaming bands, however, most march on toward Sythillisia. Imnescar is again overrun. The guard outpost and inn are destroyed and the Trade Road, from Purskul to the pass, is once more too dangerous for trade.
  • Crimmor scouts alert the Council of a quickly growing force within Sythillisia. General Craumerdaun is ordered to gather mercenaries and prepare the army in Crimmor. Word is also sent to Murann to prepare the navy.
  • Ogre Mage Cyrvisnea, Queen of Sythillisia, is assassinated. This enrages Ogre-King Sythillis and all his subjects are forced into his army. King Sythillis also learns of the intent for using the Amnian Navy and he calls on the Iron Fleet for protection. This move halts the navy’s action as their small ships are not prepared to battle large pirate caravels. This results in blocked traffic up the Esmel River and Amnian trade is cut off from all access to the coast.
  • Three days later, the scouts report the activity in Sythillisia, they deliver the horrifying news that the Sythillisian Army is moving east with King Sythillis personally leading them. Mass panic erupts through Crimmor and Purskul as people flee east.
  • When the Sythillisian Army arrives at Crimmor a large force immediately engages the city while the rest settle in for a long siege. Furiously, King Sythillis batters the city with spells for the first day before retiring back with those preparing the siege. He’s not seen again for days.
  • The Sythillisian Army begins sieging Crimmor which lasts an entire month, all the while monsters from the south continue to arrive.
  • Captain Eamon Blaskul convinces Bahija the Fair and Captain Raurivyl Ornshield to accept the Pardon and join his fleet the Black Skull Privateers. Bahija begrudgingly agrees but doesn’t forget her hate of the Queen.
  • Seven ships of the Vemmil clan of Amn return from a mission to Zakhara, but four are attacked and looted by the Iron Fleet protecting Sythillisia in late Eleint. The remainder arrive at Murann amid much ceremony.
  • The Firedrake Lodge spreads news of this second attack in Amn to Tethyr.
  • Murann and Trademeet close their walls and heavily arm themselves.
  • Queen Zaranda calls for Dukes and Counts to do all they can to stop the monsters from crossing the Tethir Road. This seems more than ironic for the elven tribes but they understand the necessity and all the nobles comply as best they’re able.
  • Official Tethyrian forces begin building a camp south of the Tethir Road on the outskirts of Trademeet. As well, they settle into Castle Spulzeer near Trailstone. Starspire Accord forces prepare in Murann while Firedrakes patrol the Ommlur and Umar Hills. The Queen awaits the Council of Six’s official request for aid.
  • Secession talks in Riatavin grow and spread to Trailstone.
  • Ogre attacks are on the rise in Counties Morninggold and Surkazar. Chevangard and Barakmordin send aid.
  • The slowing of reinforcements from the south along with the fervor and violence of the siege finally takes its toll on the Sythillisians. Seeing his chance, General Craumerdaun orders the Amnian troops from the city and they begin routing their attackers. Ogre-King Sythillis and about half of those surviving retreat back to Sythillisia, while the rest scatter into the wilds. Between the dead and the deserted, the Sythillisian Army is greatly reduced in numbers within Sythillisia, however, roaming monster bands increase greatly.
  • Days later, a monster-force begins attacking Purskul. Though they’re turned away, some manage to escape east of the Orc Road where Amn had generally succeeded in keeping them out of.
  • Small towns still rebuilding from the last attack are again overrun. Thousands of people scatter and flee the roaming monster bands.
  • From Esmeltaran, The Council of Six orders General Craumerdaun to clear the Trade Way so trade can pass north to south - this duty is passed to Major Olehm. The Council then begins bickering about what to pay for first, though they really know that no matter what they pay for, it must result in freeing the Esmel River from the Iron Fleet. Second to that still isn’t their people, it’s how to salvage the cities discussing independence.
  • At the urging of the Starspire Accord, Harbor King Degos pledges 250 Harbor Guard and Queen Zaranda hires the Swords of Darromar towards the cause of clearing the Trade Way Pass. The three organizations along with a handful of wizards from the Alchemists’ Guild (who I might add are extremely eager to have free reign of their offensive magic) march north to open the pass so refugees can escape south.
  • The Firedrake Lodge receives dozens of contracts throughout the Swordbelt and northern Wealdath to hunt monsters and roaming bandits.
  • Queen Zaranda urges her new privateers to lure out and engage the fringes of the Iron Fleet in hopes of breaking the blockade of Sythillisia and the Esmel River.
  • Servants of Greywell continue to keep work quietly in Murann and Trademeet.
  • The second war again reduces foreign business for the Muranni Alchemists’ Guild, however local business soars as Tethyr recovers stocks from one war and prepares more for another.
  • Of those families banished by order of the Interregnum Tribunal, the Basilayers of Myratma and the Krimmevols of Ithmong (Darromar) are escorted by royal troops to Trademeet in Amn amid great protests due to the war in Amn.