The Dragon's Neck: Extended History

Anything in this colour should be seen as obscure and difficult to learn - meaning, knowledge of it IC would require DM approval.

The Dragon's Neck Official Server Timeline

212 DR - Year of the Awakening Magic
  • The Port of Murann is created
260 DR - Year of the Sunless Stones
  • The city of Xandar, serving as a second capital for Tethyr, currently a vassal state of the Shoon Empire, is destroyed when a volcano erupts underneath it.
450 DR - Year of the Corrie Fist
  • The elven prince (of Suldusk heritage) Strohm I of Tethyr kills Qysar Amahl Shoon VII of the Shoon Imperium, avenging the death of his father. The Shoon Imperium crumbles.
  • Strohm is crowned King Strohm I, the first king of the Strohm Dynasty of Tethyr. He rules for 212 years.
460 DR - Year of the Scorching Suns
  • Amin, the former Western Emirate of the Shoon Imperium, establishes itself as its own country, called Amn, under King Esmel Torlath, forsaking Shoonite imperial rule and beginning the Torlath dynasty. It comprises the three major city-states of Athkatla, Crimmor, and Murann.
479 DR - Year of Forestsfrost
  • Prince Imnel Torlath leads the army of Amn into the Small Teeth to remove the ogres from the trade route between Murann and Crimmor. The major battle site, once called Imnel's Scar, is now the town of Imnescar.
  • The Vale of Wailing Women is named for the mourning women who watch their husbands leave to fight in the Ogre Wars.
480 DR - Year of the Winter Sphinx
  • With the clearing of the Small Teeth Pass the year before and trade reopening between Crimmor and Murann, the House of Braccan found the Murann Alchemists’ Guild.
491 DR - Year of Faltering Fires
  • The Alchemists’ guildhall is flooded during an unnaturally rainy year. The building is rebuilt so that it cannot again be flooded by rain.
511 DR - Year of the Fortress Scoured
  • Imnel, grandson of King Esmel, begins his reign as King Imnel of Amn.
512 DR - Year of the Wyvernfall
  • Esmeltaran is completed and established as the new capital for the kingdom of Amn.
554 DR - Year of Wavering Wheat
  • Purskul is founded as an Amnian granary clearinghouse and caravan stop.
575 DR - Year of the Breaching Bulette
  • Keczulla, a mining town, is founded by the Keczull family during the height of local gold fever.
692 DR - Year of the Crawling Crags
  • The Tejam Purchase: Tethyr, due to financial troubles, sells the lands between the headwaters of the Sulduskoon and the Tejarn Hills to King Brinnaq of Amn.
760 DR - Year of the Majesty
  • Amn conquers the former land of Cortryn, bringing its borders almost to their current state.
920 DR - Year of Great Riches
  • The goddess Waukeen appears on Shieldmeet and establishes the Merchant’s Peace at Trademeet.
959 DR - Year of the Haunted Crew
  • The Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr begins with the reign of King Mhoaran the Tusk-Bearded when he takes the throne from King Teremir I of the Bormul Dynasty by force.
974 DR - Year of the Haunting Harpy
  • King Mhoaran dies and is succeeded by his 17th son and 32nd child, Naerel. King Naerel becomes the second king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
996 DR - Year of the Disfiguring Scar
  • Harpers found the Heralds of Faerûn.
997 DR - Year of the Fearful Harper
  • King Nearel is succeeded by his son Kortal. King Kortal is the third king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
1000 DR - Year of Wailing Winds
  • Riatavin is established as a trading post and temple city with the backing of the Spulzeer, Krimmevol, and Coprith families.
1022 DR - Year of the Wandering Wyvern
  • Haedrak becomes King Haedrak I after his first cousin, King Kortal, dies. He is the fourth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
1059 DR - Year of the Broken Pillar
  • King Coram I is crowned after his father King Haedrak dies. He is the fifth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
1065 DR - Year of the Watching Wood
  • King Coran II becomes the sixth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
1070 DR - Year of the Spawning
  • Teremir II, of the Bormul Dynasty, begins his nine-month rule of Tethyr after his personal duel and slaying of King Coram II after starting a coup against him.
1071 DR - Year of the Lions’ Roars
  • King Teremir II is slain by Alemander the Spellbinder in revenge for his brother, King Coram II's death. Alemander takes the throne of Tethyr as Alemander I. He’s the seventh king of the Lions’ Dynasty.
1090 DR - Year of Slaughter
  • The Imnel Concession: Numerous monsters in the eastern grasslands and financial troubles (including paying the army) forces King Imnel IV of Amn to forge a treaty that returns all lands south of the Tethir Road to Tethyr in exchange for military and monetary support.
1095 DR - Year of the Blushing Star
  • The Skeletal Finger thieves’ guild wreaks havoc across Tethyr and Amn from hideouts in the Small Teeth.
1116 DR - Year of the Empty Scabbard
  • The Heralds of Faerûn split ways from the Harpers.
1122 DR - Year of the Rose Pearls
  • King Alemander I has the Lion’s Sword forged by a dwarven ally.
1145 DR - Year of the Smiling Flame
  • Coram III, great-grandson of Alemander I, is crowned the eighth king of the Lion’s Dynasty of Tethyr. Upon the coronation of the new king, his majesty dropped the previous names and honorifics of the House of Ithal-Strohm-Bormul and the family is now simply the House of Tethyr.
1162 DR - Year of the Prancing Centaur
  • The Skeletal Finger is slain to the last thief by the venerable blue dragon Iryklathagra in the guild’s own hideaway, after the thieves disturbed her rest. The dragon moves into the guild’s vacated hold.
1164 DR - Year of Long Shadows
  • Champions Vigilant are formed. They eventually become one of the wealthiest and most powerful orders in the Western Heartlands with over 2000 members.
1181 DR - Year of the Shieldtree
  • Alemander II, great-grandson to Coram III, is crowned the ninth king of the Lion’s Dynasty of Tethyr.
1182 DR - Year of the Tomb
  • Trade roads now link Amn and Tethyr to the Sword Coast cities of Baldur's Gate, Dragonspear Castle, and Ahghairon’s city of Waterdeep.
1188 DR - Year of the Soft Fogs
  • Wyvorlaa, Vizera of King Alemander II, was an influential member of court, as many say she was Alemander’s mistress as well as advisor. While not of noble birth, Wyvorlaa wielded more influence over his decisions than his dukes and chancellors. In 1188, she was discovered to be consorting with foul undead and an ancient lich in caverns below the Starspire Mountains. Though the lich escaped, the king’s nobles forced the king to order her execution. Wyvorlaa’s execution revealed her to be a vampire. Unprepared, those in attendance were unable to stop her from escaping.
1198 DR - Year of the Lean Purse
  • Knights Kuldar are wholly formed. They eventually come to number about 2400 members, a majority worshiping Torm.
1201 DR - Year of Embers
  • The Knights Kuldar come into conflict with the vampire Wyvorlaa for the first time. The conflict leaves numerous vampires destroyed, but a Paladin of Tyr dead and a new spawn of the cabal. The order comes into conflict with the vampire cabal nearly every year or two over the next century and a half with countless undead destroyed and scores of losses to the order.
1202 DR - Year of the Dragon Altar
  • King Coram IV is crowned King of Tethyr, the tenth king of the Lions’ Dynasty.
1215 DR - Year of Starlight
  • Coram IV has the Sword of Starlight forged for his son Haedrak II. It became one of two Swords of State for Tethyr, along with the Lion's Sword, and was always carried by one of the kings or heirs.
1218 DR - Year of the Swimming Cats
  • Kymer, the illegitimate son of King Alemander II by an elven mistress, has his younger half-brother King Coram IV and the entire royal family assassinated (minus Prince Haedrak II who was in Zakhara). King Kymer is known as "the Shade King", and is the eleventh king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
1219 DR - Year of Prideful Tales
  • The Alchemists establish a working relationship with The School of Wonder, northwest of Hillfort Ishla.
1227 DR - Year of the Wall
  • Prince Haedrak II leads a flotilla against Zazesspur and the palace beginning a battle that ends in a dual between the Shade King and the "Corsair Prince", Kymer wielding the Lion's Sword and Haedrak fighting with the Sword of Starlight. Haedrak is victorious and slays the usurper king, taking the throne in Kymer's place. King Haedrak II, known as the "Corsair Prince", is the twelfth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr, and is eventually considered one of the Hero-Kings of Tethyr.
1235 DR - Year of the Black Horde
  • Orcs gather the numbers to push their way south. By midsummer four large forces reach the Clovis Fields causing mass panic. The Champions Vigilant and the Knights Kuldar join with King Haedrak’s armies and route many of the orcs away from western Tethyr and south into Shoonach’s ruins, where many are rumored to exist now as undead. Others fled into the Kuldin Peaks, Shilmista, the Forest of Mir, and elsewhere. Captured orcs are taken to Purskul where they are forced to work in a series of agricultural and stoneworking labor camps.
1238 DR - Year of the Lone Candle
  • A major trade war occurs between Amnian houses. This dispute over rights to the Zakharan spice trade fuels future conflicts between the Ophal and Ulvax families, and ignites numerous other trade wars in its wake.
1241 DR - Year of the Lost Lady
  • Invading orcs, NE of Zazzespur, interrupt a wedding between Lady Serisa Khiilart and General Lord Parmas Haraqimn. The bride is captured, tortured and killed and the groom is left unconscious. Consumed with hatred, the general orders the lands scourged of orcs. For more than 10 months, the armies of Tethyr and Amn are on the march. When the genocide ends, the only places orcs still live in the lands south of the Cloud Peaks are in Purskul (in chains) or in the ruins of Shoonach. The orcs call this the Year of Going Too Far. The Champions Vigilant and Knights Kuldar both aid initially, but pull out support as the general refuses to stop.
1242 DR - Year of the Yellow Rose
  • The ruins of Keczulla are cleared of trolls and other monsters. Keczulla is resettled as a caravan stop.
1266 DR - Year of the Leaping Frog
  • Three Alchemists are killed when Tanar’ri and power-mad students destroy the School of Wonder along with nearly every student and Master. The Alchemists’ Guild bans consorting with fiends.
1274 DR - Year of Purple Toad
  • Princess Cyralna of Tethyr dies in childbirth. Following this tragedy, her brother, Prince Toram, arranges for the murder of her five nieces and their two sisters, Princesses Chynnil and Pyriiss. King Haedrak II dies from shock, and Prince Toram and Kyvan Emveolstone are discovered and executed. Despite this, rumors are spread and the Harpers take much of the fall. Harpers are banned from Tethyr from this point on.
  • Errilam, the third son of King Haedrak II, becomes King Errilam I and is the thirteenth king of the Lions' Dynasty of Tethyr.
1276 DR - Year of Crumbling Keep
  • King Dhanar of the Parhek Dynasty in Amn is assassinated, and merchant families squabble over the succession, each with an heir to the throne (legitimate or otherwise) in its control. The merchant families begin a long war over trade and succession.
1277 DR - Year of the Beholder
  • King Errilam I dies in what is called a hunting accident (assassinated by the Eldreth Veluuthra) while hunting with his court and some elven friends within the Forest of Tethir. Childless, King Errilam’s first nephew, Alemander III succeeds him to become King Alemander III, the fourteenth king of the Lions’ Dynasty.
  • King Alemander III begins the long persecution of elves.
1288 DR - Year of the Roaring Horn
  • King Alemander III dies and his son, Jaszur, becomes King Jaszur and the fifteenth king of the Lions’ Dynasty.
1295 DR - Year of the Ormserpent
  • Seeming to have healed the wounds between the two powers of Waterdeep and Tethyr, King Jaszur begins his overland return-trip to Tethyr. Upon the second night of his trip, the king and his retinue are slaughtered to the last man by bandits. The king’s orb and scepter are stolen from a wagon and his person is stripped of its regalia, including the crown, rings, and the sword of state.
  • King Jaszur’s twin brother becomes King Olosar and the sixteenth king of the Lions’ Dynasty of Tethyr.
  • With the king’s murder and many unanswered questions suggesting bad faith on Tethyr’s part, his twin brother King Olosar cancels all agreements made with the City of Splendors and to this day, no major trade agreements or alliances have been made between Waterdeep and the court of Tethyr.
1299 DR - Year of the Claw
  • The Shadow Thieves settle in Athkatla after being ejected from Waterdeep and immediately begin purchasing vast amounts of poisons and materials from the Alchemists.
1306 DR - Year of Thunder
  • The last heir to the throne of Amn, the self-styled Exile Prince Rohav, dies of poison at the hands of his vizier, Arlen Bormul.
1315 DR - Year of Spilled Blood
  • Baldur’s Gate marches with Waterdeep to clear out Dragonspear Castle. A score of members of the Campions Vigilant are among those joining the force.
  • Having fought off numerous Hobgoblin raids over the years, The Smiling Seven Adventuring Company (a group of Tymorans) joins the forces from Baldur’s Gate to march with Waterdeep to clear out Dragonspear Castle. Afterwards, and after two decades of adventuring the Sword Coast and Western Heartlands, the adventuring company disbands to retire. Three of the members: Razam “Pearl” Shokeil, Tullidd Coldleaf, and Vervam Bersk move to Esmeltaran to live in luxury. Vervam joins the temple clergy.
1316 DR - Year of the Gulagoar
  • The dwindling Spulzeer family establishes the Spulzeer Inn, which later becomes the foundation for the village of Trailstone on the Tethir Road.
1318 DR - Year of the Tired Treant
  • After two years of trying to establish their own adventuring quarters in the highly expensive and competitive Esmeltaran, the Smiling Seven Trio move to Murann.
1319 DR - Year of the Fallen Throne
  • Alemander IV, eldest nephew of King Olosar and a cousin of Prince Rythan, the Paladin Prince, is crowned the seventeenth king of the Lion’s Dynasty of Tethyr.
  • Within a year, the Smiling Seven Trio establish the Firedrake Lodge. The Lodge serves to supply and host adventurers and it quickly becomes a place where adventurers (mostly men for now) can trade tales and separate themselves from the general populace.
1320 DR - Year of Watching Cold
  • Following the Thunder Blessing in 1306, the long steady boom in the gold dwarf population forces them to spread out across the southern Underdark disturbing the long-held status quo of the subterranean races. This sees an unusual number of drow entering Dambrathan society creating a strain on some of the less noble Crinti. A large group of Loviatans leave Dambrath for the Black Spire of the Maiden temple in southern Amn.
1321 DR - Year of Chains
  • The Lodge begins recruiting members and treating itself more like a loose guild of adventurers. Contracts, rumors, contacts, gear, supplies and other opportunities are offered to members. The first contact is made between the Lodge and the Alchemists. The Alchemists offer a small discount to Lodge members.
  • Khelban sponsors Harpstar veteran Cylyria Dragonbreast in her bid to become High Lady of Berdusk and gives over leadership of his Harpers to her. The Harpers operate out of Twilight Hall in Berdusk as “The Order of the Silver Moon and Harp” or “Harpers of Twilight Hall”. They act openly against the Zhentarim and Amnian interests.
1333 DR - Year of the Striking Falcon
  • The Great Amnian Trade War. Thayze Selemchant founds the Council of Six and ends the war with Amn reunited.
  • The Champions Vigilant and Knights Kuldar heavily patrol the border towns to assure the civil war doesn’t spill into Tethyr.
  • Discreetly, the Alchemists use magic to transport their goods to ships and caravans outside Amn to continue business. Where magic isn’t available, they contract with the Shadow Thieves in exchange for poisons.
  • The Firedrake Lodge refuses any sabotage, raiding, or assassination contracts and terminates membership of anyone who is known to take them. They urge their members to provide help and protection to smaller businesses and to avoid the affairs of the large mercantile families. This would prove to be a boon to the guild’s honorable reputation.
1334 DR - Year of the Blazing Brand
  • The Champions Vigilant commits numerous cavalry members to join Price Rythan of Tethyr, a paladin of Helm, in the war against the fledgling country of Mulsparkh in the Battle of Nightflames. Only a few escape the slaughter.
  • Together, the Lodge mourns the loss of Price Rythan of Tethyr, a paladin of Helm, in the war against the fledgling country of Mulsparkh in the Battle of Nightflames. They dedicate the rest of the year to going out of their way to help those south of them in Tethyr.
1335 DR - Year of the Snow Winds
  • Tullidd and Razam of the Lodge get into a boastful, but light-hearted argument surrounding their accomplished adventuring careers. Eventually, a man named Gordial speaks up that they both sound like fierce dragons. This tempts a call from across the room and Vervam shouts out that they aren’t dragon’s but merely embers compared to himself! Amused laughter ensues for a moment until Gordial speaks above it to say that he longs to be an ember then. The Lodge bursts forth in shouts and cheers and they all drink a round in high spirits comradery. From this time forth, new members are called Embers.
1338 DR - Year of the Wanderer
  • The Murann Spice War occurs between Ophal and Ulvax holdings - and it is also suppressed.
  • The Spice War enters the Lodge through an argument between house retainers. The argument peaks into an armed fight and ends with Razam and other Firedrakes forcibly separating everyone. Both the Ulvax and Ophal Houses are barred from membership from the Lodge for 3 years. The forceful barring of powerful mercantile houses increases the Lodge’s prestige further.
1340 DR - Year of the Lion
  • A cartload of dragon remains arrive at the Alchemists’ Guildhall under the cover of illusion magic. The seller is a member of the Order of the Blue Boar.
1343 DR - Year of the Boot
  • The Firedrake Lodge begins collecting large amounts of herbs and this year becomes the beginning of a trade relationship between the Alchemists and the Lodge.
1345 DR - Year of the Saddle
  • The Coast Plague kills 20% of the people through the major cities of Amn and reaches as far as Zazesspur and Beregost.
  • Strongholds of the Champions Vigilant and Knights Kuldar near Amn are sealed and small healing camps where the sick can be helped are established outside the walls.
  • The Plague kills a score of the Alchemists’ members, though the guild quickly learns how to lessen the effects of the plague with a concoction called Plagueward.
  • The Plague kills Razam and Vervam. Tullidd, now 89 years old, is the sole proprietor of the Firedrake Lodge.
  • The Plague gets aboard Eamon’s father’s ship and ends up killing nearly the entire crew, including his father. At only 18 years old, Eamon takes control of the Black Skull Pirates after dualling the first mate and defeating him - though sparing his life. He spends the rest of the year heavily recruiting.
1346 DR - Year of the Birdblood
  • Rumors spread of some 80,000 drow hiding in the Forest of Mir causing panic through Tethyr. The Knights Kuldar heavily patrol the edges of the forest between Barakmordin and Darromar (Ithmong at the time), and send exploration parties into the forest to look for evidence of the rumors.
1347 DR - Year of the Bright Blade
  • King Alemander IV dies when Castle Tethyr is burned to the ground by an act of arson.
  • Ten Black Days of Eleint
  • Nearly all the trade going south is disrupted for many moons. Additionally the Shadow Thieves invest heavily in making their own poisons and their business dwindles to near nothing. The Alchemists refer to this time as the Ten Black Moons.
  • The Lodge ‘watches’ in horror as Tethyr tears itself apart over the Ten Black Days. Despite wanting to aid in every way they can, the massive mobs and uncertainty draws little direct action from the Lodge. Firedrakes with families in Tethyr leave to retrieve what they can of possessions and family members. Many of those families end up settling in Murann or Trademeet.
  • The Champions Vigilant and Knights Kuldar work tirelessly to protect people from bandits and corrupt despots and continue saving thousands lives over the next 20 years of the Interregnum.
  • Captain Eamon Blaskul uses the chaos and aftermath of the Black Days to seize an abandoned caravel and capture another which was fleeing Tethyr with a skeleton crew. Those unwilling to join him are released on a deserted island south of the Race. The Black Skull Pirates grow now to three ships.
  • Bahija escapes slavery in Calimshan and joins the crew of a local pirate captain.
  • Axian Harfourt and his raiders capture Chevangard and hold it for a year.
  • In response to the Tethyrian Interregnum, the Order of the Silver Chalice is formed in Waterdeep and a large portion are sent to Tethyr. They later decide to stay in Tethyr forming a second branch of the order.
  • Neravel Trosbann and his twin sister, Hannia, flee Ithmong when their parents join the uprisings, burning noble villas around the city and hunt fleeing nobles. They arrive at Barakmordin and, for just over 2 years, the siblings live with the Knights Kuldar helping in any way they can and listening to the various teachings.
  • The notorious bandit leader, Baldassarre “The Beast” disposes of a noble family outside Ithmong and moves into their small keep. Now styled Lord Baldassarre, his bandits begin a campaign of terror along the Ithal Road and River Ith.
1348 DR - Year of the Spur
  • The Champions Vigilant, with aid of the Order of the Silver Chalice frees Chevangard from Harfourt’s Raiders. Axian Harfourt, the great Raider-Lord, and his surviving 45 followers, became the workforce for Survale Ford for the next seven years as indentured servants of the priests of Chevangard.
  • The Knights Kuldar clash constantly with Lord Baldassarre’s clan for nearly 5 years while the Bandit Lord remains untouched.
  • Duke Valon Morkann officially breaks his ties with Tethyr and declares Elestam to now be Erlkazar, and he its king. During much of the Interregnum, King Valon ruled directly, without counts, dukes, or barons beneath him.
1349 DR - Year of the Bridle
  • Harper assassins kill three of the five Grand Yrshalem of the Rulnadeen, a slaving and mercantile consortium, as well as fifty of the group's agents and representatives. The monopoly in Chult is broken and their activities in Calimshan are disrupted. In retaliation, the Rundeen capture, interrogate, and execute any and all Harpers they can find, vowing to never offer quarter to a Harper again.
  • The Champions Vigilant discreetly protects Harpers requesting aid through Tethyr, Amn, and north to Berdusk.
  • Bahija takes her pirating experience and goes off on her own. By the end of the year, a young Bahija commands a pair of ships and is known as Bahija the Fair.
  • Hannia Trosbann decides to join the Tyrran clergy while the call of paladin-hood is where Neravel’s heart is and he becomes a Tyrran knight.
1350 DR - Year of the Morningstar
  • The Company of Eight visits the Lodge during a stay in Murann on their way east from the Dragon’s Neck. They spend the evening telling stories to the Firedrakes of the ruin throughout Tethyr. Pearl and the Company of Eight’s current leader Tardeth Llanistaph (the eventual duke of Suretmarch and Lord Just Chancellor of Tethyr) spend hours, well into the early morning, sharing tales. The company leaves in the morning after accepting accommodations at the Lodge for the night.
  • The Company of Eight visits the Alchemists and purchases an extensive assortment of potions while trading off many unusual reagents.
  • With all three ships of the Black Skulls together, the clan exits the Race. In the distance they spot a lone ship which seems to be moving peculiarly. On approach, all three ships come to a stop and watch in mixed-emotional awe as Captain Ordl "Starpoon" Fiathm’s ship the Leviathan's Chase and its crew battles a massive whale with their magical harpoon. When finished, Eamon and crew decide to leave the whaler to his own devices, and while Captain Ordl generally hunts pirates for Amn, the hunt has left the crew worn and the three Black Skull ships are far too great an opponent together. Under a white flag, Eamon approaches and congratulates the Leviathan’s Chase’s crew on their hunt and the clans go their separate ways. Years later, the Black Sails and Leviathan’s Chase come across each other once more in this fashion and again leave on peaceful terms. Captain Ordl avoids hunting Black Skull ships for this reason.
1351 DR - Year of the Crown
  • Adventurers limp into Barakmordin looking for healing. They explain their tale of being attacked by wereboars in the southern areas of the Forest of Mir. A trio of Knights Kuldar are dispatched to locate the attackers. When they do eventually locate the lycanthropes, they learn the adventurers had tried to raid their clanlands. Observing that the wereboars only wish to be left to live in peace, the trio of knights leave the clan without incident and return to Barakmordin. When they return, the adventurers have already left.
  • Black Sail Pirates arrive at the Alchemists’ Guild looking to trade very rare aquatic and sea-based materials for a vast number of explosive, fire-based items.
1353 DR - Year of the Arch
  • Rumors of a forested bog where Redflower can be found lure a pair of ambitious Alchemists into adventure. Neither return.
  • In an unusual move, Lord Baldassarre personally leads a bold attack on a large company of Knights Kuldar. Dozens are killed on both sides but the Bandit Lord is captured. Neravel Trosbann is badly wounded and his twin, Hannia, is thought to be killed. Unknown, she is captured and taken back to Baldassarre Keep by retreating bandits where she’s held prisoner and tortured for years. Two moons later, Lord Baldassarre escapes Barakmordin and his terror continues for 5 more years.
1355 DR - Year of the Harp
  • After seven years, Harfourt’s Raiders are released from their penance, though 25 of them chose to remain in Survale Ford to continue the work they learned, and they act as the crux of Survale Ford’s maintenance crews to present day. The current location of Axian Harfourt is unknown, though there are rumors of a man fitting his description being seen at the Priory of St. Silvyr in penitent’s robes.
1356 DR - Year of the Worm
  • (Tarsakh) Amn’s armies move to the Green Fields to guard against the forces of Dragonspear Castle.
  • The Dragonspear War
  • (Mirtul) The War creates a rise in business into Amn, but stops all business going north of Amn until late summer.
  • Domithar Brighthand, a paladin of Torm in the Knights Kuldar, dies in another of the order’s failed attempts to root out the now Vampire Master, Wyvorlaa. He joins the cabal as a spawn. Later that year, a priest of Tyr is also lost to the cabal on another failed raid.
  • Raurival Ornshield and Dreak, a half-orc, escape slavery from Colwyvv plantation in Amn. The pair take to the seas, with Dreak becoming Raurival’s first mate. The new captain turns his revenge upon the ships of Amn.
  • (Uktar) The war against Dragonspear Castle ends in late summer, but straggling troops and deserting monsters delay the army’s return. By the Feast of the Moon, Amn’s armies come home to victory parties.
  • After suffering the vileness of battling devils in The Dragonspear War, Feruk Stormstride and Brezn Thond retire from the Harpers and move south from Baldur’s Gate to Murann.
1357 DR - Year of the Prince
  • Order of the Silver Chalice run out The Four (Baerduin Thask, Fiirfar Nulomn, Diloule “Lanternhand”, Telorn) from a manor-complex east along the River Ith near Ithmong/Darromar and claim it for themselves.
  • After witnessing a merchant-mage named Shairksah be apprehended for threatening to kill other merchants, Feruk and Brezn head to the Captain’s Cabin Inn and Tavern in Murann for a meal where they end up meeting 101-year-old Tullidd “Pearl” Coldleaf. It doesn’t take long for the trio to discover each others’ Dragonspear Castle experiences. Pearl explains the Firedrake Lodge to the pair and invites them to see it. Feruk and Brezn become Fledglings within days and are immediately promoted to Embers. Through the year, the pair are quick to bond with Pearl and they soon find themselves helping the old half-elf run the Lodge.
  • Captain Ornshield’s ship the Scimitar of Fire catches and destroys an Amnian trading coaster carrying a vast load of supplies and treasure. Captain Ornshield sails off to Lapaliiya to establish a safehouse in Ilyaport.
1358 DR - Year of Shadows
  • The Time of Troubles begins.
  • The Fall of the Gods returns Bahamut to the land in avatar form for the first time since the death of Marduk (-1071 DR).
  • The winter is one of the coldest and snowiest in memory. Rumors of frost giants in the Savage Frontier reach Amn.
  • Lady Kaitlin Tindall Bloodhawk, sole heir of Lord Ronlar Bloodhawk, is possessed as the avatar for the Red Knight. The Order of the Red Falcon is led by the Red Knight to Tethyr where they overcome enormous odds to single-handedly eliminate an army of monsters pouring from the Forest of Tethir into the northeastern quarter of the nation.
  • The Waterdeep branch of the Order of the Silver Chalice defends the Sea Ward against minions of Myrkul.
  • Gareth Dragonsbane, future king of Damara, and his adventuring companions leave for the Abyss. The beginning of TLY strands the party there.
  • The Hospice of Saint Corin’s is attacked by a horde of two-headed goblins. Three Knights Kuldar (Brother Bevnor the Painbearer, Sister Ammill Redtears, and their father Sir Jhared the Loyan) hold back the fray until reinforcements arrive from Barakmordin.
  • The Time of Troubles ends and The Longest Year begins.
  • The sudden absence of magic drives up Alchemist membership as wizards move into other studies.
  • The great, fifteen-year stockpile of herbs at the Firedrake Lodge makes the Firedrakes a primary trader to the Alchemists as the guild sees a surge in members and a boom in herbalism and alchemy.
  • The Lodge begins offering martial training to all the spellcaster members.
  • On a stormy night and without their usual sources of magic, the Sea Wraith mistakenly attacks the flagship of Llachior Blackthorn, a powerful Velaen merchant and Sea Captain (and the eventual Duke of the Duchy Cape Velen and Lord Royal Durbland). The battle leaves the Sea Wraith escaping in a limp. Bahija’s crew are down from three ships to two as the Sea Wraith sits at the Port of Skaug for repairs for the rest of the year.
  • The Knights Kuldar use the lack of magic to again raid the sanctuary of the vampire Wyvorlaa, however despite their best efforts no coffins are able to be located in the deep caverns and vast ruins under the Starspire Mountains. They chop up and burn all the bodies of the now inanimate undead that lay strewn about.
  • The Knights Kuldar, Champions Vigilant and Blue Boars launch a brutal, ride-long siege on Baldassarre Keep. With great losses for each clan, they barely manage to once again capture Bandit Lord Baldassarre. Naravel discovers his twin sister Hannia is still being kept barely alive. To the stunning shock of his fellow knights, the paladin executes the Bandit Lord. Despite no communication with the gods, Neravel is removed from his order though no malice is held against him. Hannia returns to Barakmordin and continues her priesthood.
1359 DR - Year of the Serpent
  • Cyricists take advantage of the chaos to grow the war on knowledge. Over the next four years, libraries and historical texts are destroyed all across Amn.
  • The Lodge informs the Alchemists of a Thayan plot to sabotage the guild and the plan is foiled.
  • The Longest Year ends and the presence of magic begins to return extremely slowly, though it will be many years before spells are able to be used.
  • Mystra returns Gareth from the Abyss as her first act. Gareth returns, destroys the wand of Orcus, and plants the Tree-Gem.
  • With the Time of Troubles and Longest Year over and plans to return to the north, Lady Kaitlin Tindall Bloodhawk agrees to let nine Falcons stay in Tethyr to build their own order. The Chapter of the Nine Peers is formed. By the end of the year they are over 25 strong.
  • Naravel discovers the Red Knight. He quickly converts and joins the Nine Peers where he studies tactics and strategy for the next 3 years.
  • Rumors from Harpers lead the Champions Vigilant to discover a young bronze dragon, under the ruins of Nine Star Towers, the ruined Mystran temple complex. In the absence of most of its magic, the Helmites relocate a nearby scouting camp to the ruins to provide the dragon both better protection and a means for companionship while it shelters away.
  • Samas Kul, Thayan Zulkir of Transmutation and Thayan Master of Guild of Foreign Trade, negotiates the creation of a Thayan trade enclave in Athkatla
1360 DR - Year of the Turret
  • Members of both the Champions Vigilant and Knights Kuldar volunteer to join the Crusade of King Azoun IV against the Tuigan Horde. Being a small order, Lady Bloodhawk asks the Nine Peers to all remain in Tethyr as she is sending commanders from the Falcons. About half of those who left to battle the Tuigan Horde return six years later.
  • The Alchemists’ Guild sees another boom in sales as countless mercenaries and knights leave the region to join the crusade of King Azoun IV against the Tuigan Horde. Ten of the guild's own members leave as well. Only two return six years later.
  • A half-dozen Firedrakes leave to join the crusade of King Azoun IV against the Tuigan Horde. None return.
  • The Cyricist war on knowledge continues and reaches its bloody peak, giving 1360 DR to 1363 DR the name "The Years of Bonfires" in Amn. Commoners all across the country, already troubled by The Longest Year, begin to put books of all kinds to the torch in fearful attempts to ward off potential harm. Oghmites soon interfere, individually as well as through the government, and manage to staunch the gaping wound that has been inflicted upon Amn's history, but not without drastic losses to it. The country's history becomes notoriously difficult to pursue, skyrocketing the value of historic texts.
  • Magical lights aboard the Mermaid’s Eel, which have not worked since the Longest Year began, begin to faintly flicker. This lasts for 3 days before the ship’s captain orders the lights removed and stored away to relieve her headaches from the flickering.
1361 DR - Year of Maidens
  • Firedrakes aid in rescuing travelers captured along the Tethir Road and now being held in ruins south of the road, just inside the edge of the forest. They end up uncovering a bandit camp connecting to caves and holding many slaves. The group departs to return more prepared. A few rides later the Firedrakes, the Champions Vigilant, and the Elmanesse copper elf tribe attack the ruin-camp. Many of the bandits are slain though some escape into the hills. The freed prisoners are taken by the Firedrakes to the Moonmaiden’s Hall in Murann while The Champions Vigilant take a pair of captured bandits back to Chevangard in Survale Ford. The elves stay to explore the tunnels for drow.
  • Eamon, aboard the Mermaid’s Eel, prepares to attack a large merchant cog it had chased west into the open ocean when a kraken breaks the surface and begins tearing the cog apart. The startled pirate crew make no hesitation to flee immediately east and no Black Skulls have entered the open Trackless Sea since.
  • Cordell and the Golden Legion discover the western lands of Maztica. The native city of Ulatos is taken over by Amnian forces, and Helmsport is founded as the capital of New Amn.
1362 DR - Year of Helm
  • The Council Schism (Amn) results in the deaths of the Meisarch, Namarch, and Pommarch of the Council of Six, who are soon replaced. Phaan Colwyvv becomes the new Tessarch. Rhinnom Dannihyr, Grandmaster of the Shadow Thieves, becomes Iltarch.
  • Orcs from the Small Teeth begin raiding outlying farms near Trailstone. The Nine Peers are the first to arrive and they help the Order of Blue Boars force the orcs into retreating back to the mountains. The Nine Peers give chase, pushing the orcs way up into the frozen peeks.
  • Bahija, on the Sea Wraith, happens upon an unusual, non-masted vessel being attacked by another pirate ship. Intending to sink the pirates and take the strange ship herself, Bahija first attacks the pirate ship. Unbeknownst to her, the ship the pirates are attacking are Lantanese merchants. Once the pirates are dispatched, the gnomes think (or act like) they’ve been saved and don’t attack, instead inviting the Sea Wraith’s crew aboard. The confusing situation eventually leads to Bahija accepting her role as savior and being gifted a handful of Lantanese powderkegs. Twice a year since, one of Bahija’s ships takes at least a few rides and patrols the coast of Lantan looking for Lantanese ships to aid in exchange for more powder. If they aren’t able to help, they stop at port, accept a warm greeting, and purchase what they need. Though pirates, Bahija forbids her crews from ever attacking the Lantanese.
  • The Edificant Library in Erlkazar is destroyed, but construction begins on its replacement, the Spirit Soaring cathedral.
  • Cyricists take and reconsecrate the temples now to be known as the Twin Towers of the Eternal Eclipse from the Banites.
1363 DR - Year of the Wyvern
  • First Spellcast since The Longest Year
  • While adventuring, an unknown cave network is discovered in the Dragon’s Head. A handful of Firedrakes base themselves out of Velen and spend a moon exploring. Through miles of both deep and shallow tunnels, all manner of creatures are found and many monsters are slain until the group comes across signs of beholders. Without reliable magic, the Firedrakes are unwilling to learn how the Longest Year is effecting beholders and they return to the surface. The Champions Vigilant of Velen are made aware of the cavern system and the Firedrakes return towards Murann.
  • The Nine Peers reaches 100 members
  • Excitement spreads through the Alchemists’ Guild as rumors of spells being cast reach them. Six moons later, the first spell is cast within the guild.
  • An experienced and senior member of the Alchemists known as Invipan the Kind is discovered by Harpers to be a member of the Twisted Rune. In a covert plot, the Harpers dispatch Invipan and burn his remains.
  • Minotaur pirate, Balura Ironprow, consolidates power and unites most of the Nelanther pirate fleets under her and her captains called “The Seven”. Heavy raiding of the Sword Coast begins by the "Iron Fleet".
  • Captain Ornshield, in a growing rage during a long pursuit of pirate slavers in the Race, orders the Scimitar to ram the other ship. At the speed the Scimitar can achieve in the Race, Ornshield’s ship crushes through the hull of the turning ship. All the pirates are slain in the aftermath and the slaves freed if they do not wish to join the crew. The damage to the Scimitar takes 2 rides to repair.
  • The first Mazticans immigrate to Amn.
1364 DR - Year of the Weave
  • Captain Ordl "Starpoon" Fiathm is informed of a plot to steal his magical harpoon spell. Due to a mistake in communication, those responsible uncover Firedrake involvement. Overnight they attack the Lodge, however, they’re quickly dispatched with little damage inflicted. The mistake finds many Firedrakes being re-trained and the guild’s practices being refined. The Lodge spreads rumors that the attack was against a member for an old feud to help cover up their involvement in the collection and distribution of information.
  • The Lodge spends the next few years growing its ranks by supporting both small excursions and grand adventuring expeditions into the surrounding lands. Occasional cuts from contracts and tithes along with good relations with local merchants help support the guild and keep their expenses low.
  • Talk of mutiny on the Scimitar of Fire is quickly and violently squashed by the half-orc Dreak. The ship never again faces anything of the sort.
  • The Black Skulls’ Sea Ranger is in battle with another caravel, the Sunset’s Bloom. From dawn to highsun the battle rages until the Bloom finally surrenders. With their captain and first mate killed in the conflict, the crew willingly accepts to join Eamon’s Black Skulls under a new captain as their fourth ship. Both ships are at dock for repairs for a moon.
  • The Mermaid’s Eel’s magical lights are stable enough to finally be removed from storage and used as intended.
  • An envoy from Evermeet rallies local elves together to kill the despoilers of the eastern Wealdath. Soon after, notices are delivered by an elven representative of Evermeet on Higharvestide, carrying the veiled threat from Queen Amlaruill that any transgressions against the elves and their restoration of the trees would be met with extreme prejudice and force, if necessary. Aside from the internal threats of monsters native to Tethir, the elves of Tethir have been left in peace for the past six years.
  • A second Amnian colony is established farther inland to create a trade link between New Amn and native tribes to the west. Cordell’s estate forms the core of the new settlement, whose garrison protects New Amn’s frontier. The colony is called Qoral, after an old native town near the site.
1365 DR - Year of the Sword
  • Veteren adventurers arrive at the Alchemists’ Guild looking to trade Underdark maps and nearly 50,000gp worth of extremely rare Underdark materials including vegetation, various gems, and parts from illithids, beholders, drow, and other dangerous monsters for potions, items, and other ingredients. They avoid the details of the battles but their maps appear rather extensive through the areas under Tethyr.
  • Firedrakes playing dice in The Riptide Tavern overhear plans to burglarize Steeleye’s Armory in Mosstone. The Lodge passes on word to help thwart the attempt. The one-eyed, dwarven proprietor, Angar “Steeleye” Axeson thanks the Lodge by crafting a custom greatsword for Pearl, even fitted with a large black pearl in the pommel. The sword has never been used and hangs proudly above a fireplace mantle.
1366 DR - Year of the Staff
  • Zaranda Star purchases County Morninggold and its titles from the Order of the Silver Chalice.
  • As an elf, Toirreintanth mediates talks between the Suldusk wild elf tribe and the Champions Vigilant, who represent farmers and loggers they have been protecting against elven raids. Neither side leaves content with the agreement. (Within 10 years the Suldusk operate an Eldreth Veluuthra cell aimed at protecting their tribal lands)
  • Captain Ornshield spends the entire year in an information plot against his former master, a slaver named Finnil the Bold. The plot comes to fruition with Finnil being deceived into coming to Murann thinking he was to purchase a pair of slaves. Finnil is easily captured and taken aboard the Scimitar. The former slaver is tortured for a ride before being keelhauled until most of the skin is stripped away or eaten by fish. The remains are sent back to the plantation along with a warning that the same fate will befall the next to take his place, though the threat is never followed through.
  • Neraval Trosbann leads an assault on an ogre clan in the Starspire Mountains. Despite misjudgment of the clan's numbers, the Neraval overcomes the odds and the clan is killed down to its last member.
1367 DR - Year of the Shield
  • Harpers pass on information indicating increased activity in the Small Teeth.
  • Rumor of monstrous activity in the Small Teeth sees a rise in the Alchemists’ potion sales and unusual components being sold to the guild in return.
  • Firedrakes spend much of the year exploring and adventuring around the Ommlur and Umar Hills. Many rich caches of goods and supplies are discovered, though signs of the coming catastrophe are not found.
  • Zaranda uncovers and drives out the pirates in Tulmene. Bahija has a ship sunk in the conflict and doesn’t forget her vow of revenge.
  • Neravel Trosbann leaves the Nine Peers and starts the Swords of Reclamation - a mercenary company aimed towards helping Zaranda Star claim the throne of Tethyr and protect those supporting her. He pulls recruits from Blue Boar numbers, ex-soldiers, and local militias.
  • A member of the Order of the Silver Chalice is killed during the Days of Terror in Zazesspur.
  • Chardath Spulzeer is driven out of Castle Spulzeer by the rest of his family (who live in Trailstone), and the castle lays abandoned.
  • The Knights Kuldar discover the first hints that the order’s 150-year-nemesis, Master Vampire Wyvorlaa, has awoken.
  • The Black Skulls have an arbalest [heavy mount] installed on their flagship (eventually to be renamed to Queen’s Pardon) to accompany the pair of ballistae [light mounts].
1368 DR - Year of the Banner
  • (Hammer) The Winter of Teeth - Amn is attacked in the first Sythillisian War.
  • Word of Kelemvor as the new god of death begins to spread, particularly zealously and heavily in Murann. This is given credence by the Last Repose - the temple of Jergal - opening its arms to Kelemvor, becoming a sacred site for both gods - shared readily by their faiths. Many are reluctant to believe such hearsay and claims, but by 1369 DR Kelemvor becomes considerably more established and accepted than in the year prior within the city. Beliefs of the Black Forecloser (Myrkul) stubbornly persist, many still claiming Jergal acts as another face of His, and that this new god is nothing but a lie.
  • Pirate activity along the Dragon’s Neck Peninsula drops.
  • The Swords of Reclamation work with Zaranda’s Loyalists in and around the locations of Zaranda and her important noble supporters.
  • The part of the Iron Fleet begins blockading Athkatla as the main Horde moves north from the Small Teeth. Bahija the Fair and Captain Kuurgan of the Sea Reavers are part of the blockade.
  • The Mithral Crash in Murann and Trademeet results from massive trade disruptions.
  • The Alchemists act more freely in practicing magic with the assurance of aiding the city against any assaults. With magic returning slowly to many of its members, the guild possesses a relatively significant magical presence compared to nearly any other organization in the region.
  • The Order of the Silver Chalice accepts Zaranda after the Saradush affair, an important step in proving her inner nobility and right to rule.
  • First Siege of Myratma begins.
  • The active attack on Amn by the Sythillisian Horde ends with Athkatla conquered and called Sythillisia. Chaos still reigns over Western Amn which is littered with roaming bands of monsters.
  • Zaranda is captured in the Siege of Myratma.
  • The Champions Vigilant, Knights Kuldar, Order of Silver Chalice, and Chapter of the Nine Peers agree on the potential of focusing their attention into Amn, This potential order quickly gains support from many newly appointed rulers through Tethyr. The orders each pledge 20 members and a commander to form the Starspire Accord. The Accord will provide a cohesive faction and set of ideals to push north with.
  • With Amn in chaos, the Firedrake Lodge and Harpers request aid from the Starspire Accord to discreetly go after slaving rings south of the Small Teeth. The Lodge and Accord heavily patrol the Tethir Road and north hills.
  • Prince Haedrak returns to Tethyr with the Lion’s Sword. The Swords of Reclamation, now nearly 50 members, immediately sends a dozen members to aid him.
  • The Second Siege of Myratma begins.
  • Sythillisia begins trading with monster tribes in the Cloud Peaks and becomes a trade hub between the tribes and the pirates.
  • (End of the year) Velsharoon ascends to godhood with the sponsorship of the deity Talos.
1369 DR - Year of the Gauntlet
  • Iyachtu Xvim frees himself from under Zhentil Keep and grows to a lesser deity.
  • Siege of Myratma ends.
  • All but three of the founders of Order of the Silver Chalice perish in the siege at Myratma.
  • Nearly half the Swords of Reclamation fall in the siege leaving their numbers around 35 total. Lionar Trosbann is injured but begins recovery in Darromar under royal watch.
  • A migration of monsters from the Wealdath to Amn begins.
  • The royal palace of Faerntarn is restored. Ithmong is renamed Darromar. The royal wedding and coronation occur sealing Zaranda as Tethyr’s new Monarch.
  • The “Pirates’ Pardon” is announced.
  • Loyal Order of Innocents, a paladin order, is formed by royal decree of the Queen. The order joins the Starspire Accord before the end of the year, once they have the 20 members to commit.
  • Captain Eamon Blaskul convinces Bahija the Fair and Captain Raurivyl Ornshield to accept the Pardon and join his fleet the Black Skull Privateers. Bahija begrudgingly agrees but doesn’t forget her hate of the Queen.
  • The Churches of Umberlee and Valkur enter an uneasy alliance against the Iron Fleet.
  • Monsters from the Wealdath begin reaching Sythillisia. Ogre Mage Cyrvisnea, Queen of Sythillisia is assassinated pushing Ogre-King Sythillis to war. The second Sythillisian war begins with Crimmor being attacked.
  • Efforts are made to try to stop the monsters leaving the Wealdath much to the annoyance of the elves.
  • Seven ships of the Vemmil clan of Amn return from a mission to Zakhara, but four are attacked and looted by the Sea Reavers in late Eleint. The remainder arrive at Murann amid much ceremony.
  • Secession talks spread through Riatavin and Trailstone.
  • Official Tethyrian troops are stationed along the border to Amn waiting for the Council to officially ask for aid.
  • After a month, the attacks on Crimmor end with the Sythillisian Army breaking up. About half those alive, including Ogre-King Sythillis, return to Sythillisia.
  • Efforts are started to open the Trade Way Pass.