The Elves of Y'Tellarien

The Elves of Y'Tellarien


NOTE: Players may no longer play a native of Y'Tellarien going forward [as of 03/06/2024]. Naturally, you are still permitted to play an elf native to the Wealdath.

This page serves as a source of information for players to leverage should they wish to be knowledgeable of (within reason, non-elves shouldn't know much if any of this page) of Y'Tellarien and the Wealdath's on-goings.

Be aware that Y'Tellarien as a settlement is only accessible by members of the Conclave, and any playable elf subrace. Exceptions may happen wherein locals allow (with DM approval or supervision) an unusual visitor within alongside an escort, but otherwise non-Conclave members and non-elves are never permitted to set foot upon Y'Tellarien.


Brief History
The wood elves of the Eneyri tribe migrated to the Western part of the Wealdath some 90 years gone, petitioned by the Elmanesse to spread their number so as to better avoid the humans that hunted them following the death of Errilam I.
Several years after they settled in the Western Wealdath and built Y’Tellarien, they stumbled upon a decimated wild elven tribe, the Cir’thowe, who claimed to have been victim to some malevolence in the woods. Taking pity upon their fellow Tel’Quessir, the Eneyri brought them into their fold to shelter and nurture their diminished community. Overtime, rather than taking their leave, the Cir’thowe simply remained and mostly assimilated with the Eneyri.
Unfortunately, the plight which cursed the Cir’thowe later came to haunt the Eneyri, too. From 1331 DR, the Eneyri lost many of their tribe to the forest. To the present day, none know what happened to their people, but eerie remnants and small body parts of the missing elves were belatedly uncovered over the years that followed. Now, most of what remains of the tribe are the young, with only a scant few elders of the old tribe to guide and teach the next generation.

Shortly before the Longest Year, a local druid circle that had been monitoring the region approached the elves and offered their aid. The druids had sensed a corruption of sorts in the nearby forest. Leading them to the place colloquially known as ‘The Scar,’ as this was where the remainders of the missing elves had been found, the druids and the elves together made a concerted effort to search for clues as to what had caused the deaths and disappearances.
Alas, their investigations proved fruitless in the Scar, and in following years other elves went missing. When the Longest Year began, the elves repaid the members of the druidic circle by protecting them while they lost their communion with nature and their forest gods. The mutual respect of the two drew them into a comfortable and almost familial alliance that persisted even as magic began seeping back into the world. During that time, the disappearances ceased, and both elves and druids tentatively began to believe that whatever had been causing the problem had perished or fled during that otherwise calamitous period.
Of late, however, there has been a worry growing in the shared community that something is not quite right with the land once again.

As with most of their kin, the wood elves of the Eneyri are an affable and relaxed people that prize their home dearly. They have a deep trust and respect amongst each other, and while some have ‘primary’ roles in the tribe, none are de facto leaders and all swap roles regularly to support each other and the tribe as a whole. This, too, suits the wild elves of the Cir’thowe that reside with them, though the wild elves are much more standoffish and intolerant towards outsiders.
The druids, meanwhile, technically live below Y’Tellarien - though each druid regularly disappears, sometimes for several days, as they keep a watchful eye on the woods and seek to maintain the balance as Eldath and Silvanus require of them. This alliance has lasted close to twenty years as of the current date, and some of the druids are now growing old and have been graciously allowed to spend extended periods up in the high treetop abode of the elves. Even the wild elves have softened to their presence.
Beyond that, the elves are as any other. They give honour to and serve the various deities of the Seldarine, particularly Corellon, Rillifane and Sehanine, in their daily lives and busy their free time with crafts and arts. And it is said that their haunting melodies can sometimes be heard drifting on the wind in the late night as they sing their ethereal songs to the elven gods.

Members of the Eneyri
Nyrie Otharyen
Ancient Nyrie is sadly approaching the nadir of her life cycle, but her wisdom and love for her people has sheltered and warmed them through many calamities. In her advanced age, the elderly elven woman acts as a sort of matriarch to the tribe and her counsel is taken with the utmost respect and consideration when discussing important matters. If a consensus cannot be reached among the community, it is she who they defer to in making a decision. She is known to care deeply for the People, to the point that more recent tragedies seem to have adversely affected her physically as much as emotionally. One of few known Treesingers, she is the creator and nurturer of the Mother Tree, of Y'Tellarien - the elusive Treesingers are one and all known for both the maintenance of the Wealdath and that of the People's homes; the natural blending of trees and stone that countless wood and wild elves now call their own.

Imbaril T’airien
As one of the oldest males amongst the Eneyri, Imbaril takes the lead in protecting the community and the greater perimeter around Y’Tellarien. Although Imbaril has no great deeds of valour or prestige to his name, he’s well known to be a loyal and dependable ranger who has a deep respect and love for his people and the Seldarine. More than that, he’s well known to be approachable and generous, and often goes on small journeys on his own to fetch things for the rest of the tribe.

Fynnion Fithelos
Of all the People amongst the Eneyri, Fynnion is the most distinguished. In times past, the master maker has forged weapons and armour worthy of song; some even that are still held by great lords amongst elves and men. Now, though, Fynnion is old, long past his prime, and no longer strives for the accolades of peers and onlookers. Always a quiet and gentle person, he is rarely known to speak his mind on matters and instead prefers to spend a lot of his time creating intricate little trinkets and pendants for his own enjoyment.

I’thellenne Llymelai
The young priestess of the Seldarine is wise beyond her years, and is very close to Nyrie, who has acted like an adoptive mother to her after since her parents were taken by the mysterious forces haunting the tribe prior to the Longest Year. I’thellene’s primary role is as a spiritual guide to the Eneyri, spending much of her time at the shrine to Rillifane or otherwise amongst the druids below Y’Tellarien, learning from the druids. She is a soft-spoken thing and often considered aloof, but regarded with almost equal love and respect by the tribe as her adoptive mother.

Tir’tuin Otharyen
Tir’tuin can only truly be described as a fop and a wastrel. As Nyrie’s only living descendant, the contrast between grandmother and grandson is shocking, though in his own way even Tir’tuin has his place amongst the tribe. While often overly merry with drink or wasting away his time creating ballads, the young elf does in fact do his part in looking after the Dryad’s Den, and even when an utter drunken mess he manages to somehow accurately cater to those looking to unwind in the festhall - even if some would prefer he didn’t try to play his ocarina whilst he’s unable to feel his fingers or face.

Fielenne T’airien
Fielenne is Imbaril’s sister, though much younger than he is. Unlike Imbaril, Fielenne is known to be fiery, headstrong and stubborn - though with an equally good heart. Fielenne is likely the most ardent defender of the community, and spends even more time than her brother patrolling the borders of Y’Tellarien. She’s well-noted as a truly exceptional archer - perhaps the best the tribe has ever known - and takes a special pride in her craft, which has her regarded even more highly with the Cir’thowe.

Naiuthos & Eleithos Aurauvalin
The twin brothers are often extremely difficult to tell apart, so much so that they’ve taken to wearing different colours to try and avoid confusion - though occasionally they pretend to be one another to play practical jokes. While Naiuthos is an ardent apprentice to Fynnion and regards the senior smith with awe and reverence, Eleithos delights in cooking and medicine, and not only cooks great feasts whenever the Eneyri relax in revelry, but spends his time tending to any ailments and injuries amongst his people that are too minor for divine aid.

Lyneinhe Simrion
As the youngest of the wood elves, Lyneinhe has yet to truly find a role within the community. Mostly she spends her time gathering herbs and food from the Wealdath; berries, mushrooms and other such things that help fill the storehouse. She’s a frequently somber girl, harrowed by the loss of her family, and as such the other elves take the time to cheer her up, taking her on walks through the safer parts of the woods or teaching her the arts of music, painting and other small crafts. Whilst Imbaril and Fielenne have taken a sort of guardianship over her, they’re too often away from Y’Tellarien to truly mend the girl’s broken heart.

Seliwen Verdaith
Although Seliwen is young, she’s one of the eldest amongst the youth. Unlike many wood elves, Seliwen found herself particularly interested in magic at an early age - and especially so since the Longest Year. As such, she is often found studying the High Art, though her primary role in the tribe is assisting Imbaril and Fielenne in keeping the settlement safe. She’s known to be level-headed, but has a real sense of fun and a tremendous sense of humour, often helping or egging on the Auravalin twins in their practical jokes.

Members of the Cir'thowe
Mourieth Cir’thowe
Scarred and stoic, Mourieth is the picturesque wild elf; lean, toned and covered in tribal tattoos. Deadly with her hunting bow, she’s known to have slain various threats to the Eneyri alongside her small tribe. The corpses of orcs, gnolls, hobgoblins, gargantuan spiders and even an ogre have been uncovered by the Eneyri throughout the forest, peppered with arrows and spear-wounds; beasts that Mourieth and her people have slain without informing their cousin-tribe so as to save them the worry. She, along with her brother Embril, are the only two true remaining descendants of the Cir’thowe.

Lethallan Ith’ealo
Lethallan can often be found at Y’Tellarien’s shrine to Aerdrie Faenya, whom he favours most amongst the Seldarine. So favoured in turn is he, that a giant owl known as Ai’alla has come to reside at Y’Tellarien, befriending the wild elf. Although a largely independent creature, she has been known to bear the wild elf on her back to better get an overview of the forest, usually during times of emergency. Though Lethallan is likely the least in favour of conflict amongst the Cir’thowe, he also dislikes humans the most out of them all and was one of the most zealous resistors to allying with the Conclave.

Embril Cir’thowe
Embril is much like his sister, Mourieth, and easily the largest and most physically imposing elf in the entire community. Both of them take particular delight in hunting, but while Mourieth apears as a wild thrillseeker, Embril sees art in the hunt and devotes most of his time to perfecting it. As a result, many of the younger wood elves of the Eneyri have been trained by Embril in blade and bow - and in doing so demonstrated surprising patience and care, given his otherwise savage appearance.

Ishtalli Mithrai’u
Spending a lot of her time with the wood elves, Ishtalli is very relaxed in comparison to her kin and is extremely curious of everyone and everything. She enjoys learning new things and meeting new people - a trait that was probably strengthened by the accepting way of the wood elves, in stark contrast to the usually reclusive wild elves. Her calm demeanor, however, doesn’t mean she’s any less deadly or savage in battle, evidenced by the several hunting knives she tends to carry about her person.

Nymman’e Ethebrion
Despite Mourieth leading the tribe, Nymman’e is the oldest and the only elder wild elf of the Cir’thowe to survive the misfortune that befell them. He is known to be serious, reserved and thoughtful, especially for one of his kind. While not unfriendly, he also tends to prefer solitude and his own company. The other wild elves, however, tend to give him particular respect and Mourieth often looks to him for counsel.

Members of the Fey
The excitable pixie frequents Y’Tellarien, acting as a messenger for the elves from Y’Tellarien to Suldanessellar and all the way East, to the other side of the forest, to the Elmanesse and Suldusk. Most of the time, though, she enjoys her time amongst the elves of Y’Tellarien, and even with the druids. She is a relentless prankster, and is usually coaxing elves to get involved in her ‘jokes.’

There are tales of old and rumours of a fey that rarely shows itself living within the great boughs and trunks of Y'Tellarien, but few can claim having bore witness to them...

Members of the Conclave

[Elder of Initiates] Allaister Glent
If the Conclave had a leader, Allaister would likely be the one the others turn to. A native Tethyrian, it was Allaister that had one of the largest hands in gathering the other druids together to form the Conclave. Despite his recent focus on helping the elves of Y’Tellarien, Allaister continues to help organise the Conclave in overseeing as much of Amn and Tethyr as possible. Though quite an austere man, he is always welcoming of others that respect the land, and few can help but respect his commitment and focus in his chosen duty.

[Elder of Air] Fall Brightwarden
Despite her unusual name, Fall is a beautiful young woman and a relatively recent addition to the Conclave. In the handful of years alongside the elders, however, she has proven herself a valuable ally as she has been a deft ambassador for the druids in speaking to the leaders of the various communities, settlements and cities surrounding the Forest of Tethir - in no small part due to her sunny disposition, eloquence with words and physical appeal.

[Elder of Fire] Runvald Gundrsson
A colossal man with an equally colossal beard, it is clear by his accent, name, and by his swarthy skin, black hair and blue eyes that he is - or was - of the Uthgardt. Runvald has a dour look and a gravelly voice, yet in most dealings he is quite amicable. Still, the man is like a bear; terrifying when riled. Runvald is most concerned with the animals, and is a staunch enemy to Malarites. When battle is needed, the old Uthgardt is the greatest boon to the Conclave.

[Elder of Water] Cinaed mac Dhair
An aged Ffolksman who travelled to the mainland in his youth, called over - in his words - by Eldath. This calling brought him to Tethyr, where his faith and convictions were tested many times in his pursuit of peace and balance in nature. Drawn together into the Conclave by a greater calling, Cinaed is ever the one to promote peace and caution in their dealings. He is a warm man with a love of life and laughter, and the most beloved of the elves.

[Elder of Earth] Pendric Sutland
Pendric is a little.. odd. Unlike the others of his group, the man rarely maintains his cleanliness. Mudcaked attire, long matted hair laced with broken twigs and fallen leaves, long coarse beard pointing in all different directions; the word ‘disheveled’ does not quite accurately describe the state of the man. But to offset that (admittedly harmless) eccentricity, Pendric has a tremendously powerful connection with nature - enough that in great times of need, he has gone as far as reshaping the woodland to conceal the Conclave or protect them from would-be assailants.

Breghan of Iriaebor
Hailing from much further North, Breghan is a middle-aged ranger in service to Mielikki. Though once upon a time he served as a spy for the Lords Alliance, Breghan moved away from his homeland to escape that life and instead devoted himself to that which was always his true calling. Yet, Breghan’s past colours his thinking and his interactions, and his relations with the elves especially is very strained. Instead, he generally serves the Conclave by protecting the humanfolk that dwell in the woods - or protecting nature from them, depending on the situation.

Lacia mi’Casella
Playfully coined as the ‘urban’ ranger, Lacia spends as much of her time in and around Murann as she does with the Conclave. The woman is an Amnian native, and thus knows the country and people better than any other amongst their number. She is something of a diplomat and activist, trying to make city-dwellers aware of the problems in Tethir. To many of those city dwellers, she is seen as a pest - particularly the nobles, who often have to listen to her during city meetings.
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