Weapon Master


For the weapon master, perfection is found in the mastery of a single melee weapon. A weapon master seeks to unite this weapon of choice with his body, to make them one, and to use the weapon as naturally and without thought as any other limb.

*Denotes modification from vanilla NWN.

Alignment Restriction: None

Hit Die: d10

Proficiencies: No additional proficiencies granted

Skill Points: 3 + INT Modifier

Class Skills: All Knowledge, Barter, Bluff, Craft Trap, Concentration, Decipher Script, Diplomacy, Discipline, Heal, Intimidate, Parry, Perception, Perform, Sense Motive, Taunt, Tumble

Primary Saving Throws: Reflex

Base Attack Bonus: + 1 Levels

Base Attack Bonus: +7

Feats: Weapon Focus (Melee Weapon)

Skills: Concentration 8 ranks, Discipline 8 ranks, Tumble 8 ranks

Level Progression

LevelHit Dice*BAB*FortReflexWillFeatsMaster's Stance CooldownMasterful Strikes Cooldown
1st1d10+1+0+2+0Weapon of Choice--
2nd2d10+2+0+3+0Masterful Strikes I-20 minutes
3rd3d10+3+1+3+1Improved Initiative, -20 minutes
4th4d10+4+1+4+1Master's Stance12 minutes20 minutes
5th5d10+5+1+4+1Improved Whirlwind12 minutes20 minutes
6th6d10+6+2+5+2Overwhelming Critical12 minutes20 minutes
7th7d10+7+2+5+2Superior Weapon Focus12 minutes20 minutes
8th8d10+8+2+6+2Superior Initiative12 minutes20 minutes
9th9d10+9+3+6+3Improved Master's Stance8 minutes20 minutes
10th10d10+10+3+7+3Weapon Master, Masterful Strikes II8 minutes10 minutes
*: Only character levels up to 11 will grant hit dice and base attack bonus is averaged after character level 11 as per standard TDN progression rules.

  • Masterful Strikes:
    • For two rounds, attacks made by the Weapon Master that do not crit will reroll with a 15% chance to crit. This ability has a 20 minute cooldown, reducing to 10 minutes at level 10. This ability is instant cast.
  • Master's Stance:
    • For five rounds, Master's Stance applies Keen to the the Weapon Master's weapon. This ability has a 12 minute cooldown, reducing to 8 minutes at level 9. This ability is instant cast.
  • Weapon Master:
    • This adds +5 to critical confirmations from the Weapon Master's Weapon of Choice.