XP, RPXP & XP Pool

Characters earn experience in a variety of ways: Completing Quests, Disarming Traps, Defeating an Encounter, RPXP, Area Exploration and more. Experience gained advances a PC's development to the point of leveling up and obtaining access to new feats, abilities, and spells (depending on the class).

Important Note: Individual Creatures DO NOT award experience. Combat experience is distributed at the end of an Encounter being completed.

Experience & Roleplay
On the Dragon’s Neck, and in Forgotten Realms in general, the Player Character is supposed to be exceptional when compared to your run-of-the-mill NPC. They are meant to stand above mundane NPCs, and are created to play a part in regional or world events. Player Characters can more easily be justified in having Good or Evil alignments because they are the focus of this story. Player Characters can more readily be less well-traveled races such as Dwarves and Elves, because they are both a minority and a staple of the setting.

While on the Dragon’s Neck we will explore very human stories, mundane conflicts, and face problems we can personally relate to. These will happen alongside acts of magic, conflicts of good and evil, and grand events.

A player character’s level correlates to more than their mechanical stats. The level is a mark of a character’s presence in the world, and ability to influence events.

Even at level 2, a character with class levels (Fighter, Wizard, etc) stands above the majority of the population. A level 2 fighter can leave their village, already the best swordsman there, and seek new adventures and challenges.

At level 4, characters have come more into their own. They may have impacted some few lives, and their names may mean much to some few along the way, but they are the heroes of only small and local stories. A level 4 Wizard may still be counseled by a town’s mayor for his intellect and knowledge of the arcane, and a level 4 Rogue may be considered an accomplished enough cutpurse to be hired for a professional heist.

By level 8, a character has made their name. They are not peerless, but their prowess in their field is regionally known to those that have an eye for such things. Level 8 characters have the ability to spread their influence and presence through entire nations and many actively travel to involve themselves in conflict and opportunity.

A level 14 character has achieved that which few in the world can even aspire to. They carry big names and growing reputations, and may find themselves on the stage of world events if fate wills it. There is always more to learn, and there are always bigger fish and greater threats, but a character that has achieved so much will rarely manage obscurity.

A level 18 character is likely to get drawn into the affairs of the world or region, one way or another. They have a well-earned reputation, prowess, experience, and power that can turn the tides of battles and politics. Only the ignorant could have trouble matching a face to a name and the deeds behind it.

Roleplay Experience (RPXP)
While interacting with other players on TDN, players will occasionally notice a bonus of XP that is pushed to their PC. This experience is meant to act as a reward for Roleplaying with other players on the server. Additionally, this is to encourage a focus on roleplay, and not fantatically grinding server dungeons in an effort to advance levels as quickly as possible.

Experience Pool (XP Pool)
All Encounter XP that is distributed to players is funded by an "XP Pool". This XP Pool is added to every 24 hours. The values are intentionally vague so as to not encourage building play-sessions around XP Pool amounts. Based on the total amount of the XP Pool, players may be subject to an XP Multiplier that increases the quantity of XP fed from the pool to players. Creature experience is only granted in situations when a DM spawns creatures. All other forms of combat experience are awarded after an Encounter has been completed.

System Features
  • XP pool additions every 24 hours are additive, so experience not used each day is not wasted. There is a total limit however if one were to not play for several days.
  • If a player exhausts their XP pool in a given day they'll notice that no XP is being awarded. The best way to re-gain this is to roleplay. (Non-Encounter XP is unaffected by this Pool and does not influence the pool).
Example: A player might receive DOUBLE experience from his/her pool if their pool is 75% filled.

What Adds to the XP Pool?
  • 24 Hour Timer
  • RPXP feeds a % of the RPXP awarded to a player's XP Pool.