Disguise System

System Overview

Characters are capable of attempting to conceal their identity in a way that overrides the current name & description of the character. This is intended to allow a player to rely on skill rolls to determine the validity of their disguise. Disguises may be race-based, or non-race-based.
When a character is disguised they are attempting to make an active effort to either avoid being identified, or appear inconspicuous, or pretend to be someone else. It is imperative that players behave and roleplay in a way that is conducive to achieving the goal. Over-the-top misbehavior, or manipulation of the system will not be tolerated.

How does it work?

The disguise system is triggered by specific commands (detailed below), giving you the ability to not only disguise yourself but tailor your disguise with a custom name and description if desired. While wearing a disguise, other players will universally perceive you with your altered details and appearance and there is no time limit to the disguise. However, if another player examines you while wearing your disguise there will be a contest of skills as follows:
  • Bluff vs Sense Motive:
    • Examiner who succeeds in the Sense Motive check will receive a notification that “Something is amiss” with the individual they are examining.
  • Bluff vs Spot:
    • Examiner Roll Variance:
      • Wins Roll:
        • Name & Description of Disguised are returned to normal for examiner.
      • -2: Examiner disguised as a different race/age.

Disguise Commands:
  • Standard: !disguise
  • Name-swap: “Stranger” OR Player-decided: !disguisename NAMEHERE
  • Description-swap: Player-decided: !disguisedesc DESCRIPTIONHERE

*Note: This system is still in the design phase and may be subject to change.