The Muranni Alchemists Guild

The Muranni Alchemists' Guild


Murann boasted Amn’s largest alchemists' guild, and it had only grown with the rise of alchemy as a legitimate field of study. The guild boasted more success, they claimed, than the best in Waterdeep and Thay. Due to the considerable overlap between the fields, wizards flocked to the growing alchemists’ guild since The Longest Year, adding their own research and mercantile options and expanding the sale of potions and salves with wands, scrolls, and trinkets. By this point, the Alchemists’ Guild had a near monopoly on the dealing of magical goods south of the Small Teeth. Without the oversight of the main body of the Council of Six in the recent years, the Guild embraced more members and opened up their craft to a wider body of students. Their potions were still among the most expensive, but also offered far more compelling variety than any other regional alchemists or herbalists.

Outside of the Alchemists' Guild, the pursuit of magic was still stymied and quiet, rarely performed openly in Amn. Murann took some pride in their local Guild and thus had more tolerance for magic than the rest of Amn, but open practice and easy discussion of it was still primarily performed within the Guild’s walls.

The Muranni Alchemists' Guild as a whole are inspired by coin and the pursuit of knowledge and research, and while this tends to lead to a wide variety of personalities, specialties, and intentions they all understand that business is difficult when you're the target of ire and mistrust. Most members avoid openly causing problems that would result in tarnishing the guild's image.

Since The Longest Year and the drop in oversight from the Council and Cowled Wizards, the guild has allowed its magical identity to grow. Despite hesitance from the locals, the guild continues to attempt becoming more open with its use of magic - assuring everyone that it will use it to help aid the city should the Horde come south. To back up these words, the guild is providing support to hold open the Trade Way Pass in the Small Teeth.

OOC Notes:
// The Alchemists' Guild of Murann is the default arcane faction, combining alchemists, enchanters, and mages of all sorts under one roof. The guild hall in Murann is known to be one of the safest places to publicly discuss and practice magic in Amn, and membership among the Guild is seen as a mark of status. Faction members may be brought in to act as arcane consultants on adventures or plots, and may lead events themselves, hiring mercenaries or adventurers to aid them.