The Servants of Greywell

The Servants of Greywell


The Servants of Greywell are a long-standing network of information brokers and spies (often perceived as a thieves guild due to their secretive nature and occasional criminal dealings) that operates on the border of Amn and Tethyr in western Faerûn. The creation of the Greywell precedes the arrival of the Shadow Thieves from Waterdeep, however, its members never ambitiously spread as the Shadow Thieves did. Their headquarters remains within Velen, a duchy within the country of Tethyr, though they stretch between both Velen and Murann; aiming to influence the politics of the two cities. With the recent disorganization of the Shadow Thieves, the Greywell are in a strong position to take advantage of the region's chaos.

Similar to the Shadow Thieves, secrecy is critical to the Servants of Greywell. This belief is held so tightly that members of the organization are not referred to by names, only by rank. Only the most senior members are familiar with how the organization fully functions, however even then, the leader of the faction remains a mystery.

Contrary to the past, current members of the guild span a greater range of skills and personalities, from the most typical brooding thugs to witty merchants and business owners. What brings them together is the understanding that seizing what you want through the shadows works far more efficiently than battling for it openly.

OOC Notes:
// This Faction is fairly secretive but will serve as the overall criminal faction, with room for thievery, thuggish enforcement, and more. The Servants' Interaction with other Factions are circumspect, and none would admit to openly dealing with the criminal element.