The Starspire Accord

The Starspire Accord


The Starspire Accord was initially composed of members of the Champions Vigilant of Helm, the Chapter of the Nine Peers of Red Knight, The Knights Kuldar of the Triad, and Order of the Silver Chalice of Siamorphe. Eventually, with the coronation of the Queen and the creation of the Loyal Order of Innocents of Torm, the member orders rose to five. Further wisdom from the Accord’s founders, representatives of each of these orders, allowed the inclusion of good-aligned errant adventurers, knights, and other servants to Good and Lawful deities into the Starspire Accord. The result was a militant, capable force for Good and Law with the backing of many faiths and much of the local nobility, all operating out of a Chapter House in Murann. Together, the members of the Accord, some hundred strong, provide orderly and morally Good martial support and influence through the Swordbelt and Southern Amn. Supporting and even joining the Accord was a recent fashion among the peerage, even if many such assignments were symbolic only.

Much of the Accord’s work was done inland and involved actively seeking out dangers rather than passively waiting for them to arise. The Starspire Accord had a noble purpose and a fair amount of freedom in how to accomplish it. Leadership was slim in the group, an effort to compromise between the normally heavy-handed control of Lawful gods that sponsored such ventures; it was hardly needed, as most of the members were already diligent and dutiful. The Starspire Accord was backed by many known names in politics and was seen as a progressive step towards utilizing the uniques skill sets of adventurers. In a way, the Starspire Accord was similar to the Firedrake Lodge, which would further incorporate the skills of adventurers into national defense.

Having been formed from five paladin and knightly orders, the Accord sees the world through the lens of discipline and dignity. Not all members are zealous, fanatical or even necessarily disciplined, as encountered members could range from the young, inexperienced and passionate good doer to a reserved veteran soldier who thrives in a disciplined setting.

OOC Notes:
// The Starspire Accord is generally focused on LN, NG, and LG characters with a knightly persuasion. They are a well-sanctioned force for Good and Law in Tethyr and Amn, and as such will be highly respected by NPCs within the setting.