The Swords of Darromar Faction

The Swords of Darromar


The last decade had been witness to the resurgence of influence at swordpoint, and the dying practice of hiring mercenary companies made a strong rebirth. It became a fashion to ply the trade of a sellsword, and many an aspiring soldier or adventurer dreamed of their own company, not only to emulate the recent successes of Queen Zaranda Star, but also to profit from a time of uncertainty and threats in every direction. Scores of mercenary companies sprang up in Tethyr and Amn, most not reaching past 20 individuals in size, and some numbering in the hundreds.

The Swords of Darromar was a new company under the command of Lionar Neravel Trosbann of Darromar. The company consisted of many of Darromar’s regional mercenaries, some soldiers, and those hired along the way. The small group had grown larger with their mission to support Zaranda and her allies through her campaign to become monarch. While so far the company was little more than two-score strong, it was very well led and efficient, representing the fastest-acting arm of Tethyr’s interest, for a price.

The Swords of Darromar were varied in their specializations but allowed for freedom while maintaining a militaristic rank structure that was kept very stringent. Employment in the mercenaries allowed for the taking of smaller jobs and delegation to niche postings on the Company’s behalf. The company’s flag was a field of Tethyrian blue overlaid with three crossed swords wrought in bronze. The tips of the blades formed a crown, representing the Crown of Tethyr. While they were an independent company, their loyalty was to country first, and by all reports that was heavily enforced by the young commander Trosbann.

While the Swords of Darromar are led by a morally sound commander, the job is expected to be done. This doesn’t excuse evil behavior, but morally grey choices tend to be more overlooked by superiors when the goal is met and the crown is pleased.

Swords act in the best interests of the monarchy and the nobles who support it and charge good money to do it well. They’re experienced combatants and savvy political advisors who come in many ranges of skill. They train hard under the tactical military guidance of their commander Lionar Neravel Trosbann, as well as studying politics from “Baron” Amir Raslemtar and social etiquette from “The Lady” Cior.

OOC Notes:
// The Swords of Darromar are meant to be a small but capable mercenary faction, hired to act as Bodyguards to Nobles, as marines to support Privateer forces, additional muscle for mages or Adventurers, and many other tasks. The mercenary Company also represents Tethyr's interests, and may yet be called into matters of politics. The Swords of Darromar are, aside from the Starspire Accord, the most "militant" of the Factions.